Review: The Kraken King Part II: The Kraken King and the Abominable Worm by Meljean Brook

At the end of Part 1 Zenobia made the decision not to take Ariq up on his offer of some getting to know you time in the bedroom after her bodyguard, Mara, misunderstands a conversation while eavesdropping. Instead she makes plans to get her friend, Helene,  to Red City as soon as possible. The only way to get out of Krakentown within the month is to make the journey across Australia with Ariq as he looks for the marauders who have been taking down Nipponese airships.

The Kraken King Part II- The Kraken King and the Abominable Worm (Iron Seas #4.2)Zenobia thinks Ariq’s only reason for seduction is to get to her secrets, while he is completely confused by her sudden cold shoulder. Nonetheless he is determined to keep her close in order to figure out what she’s hiding and why. As they travel across the dangerous countryside in huge contraptions called walkers, Zenobia finds herself becoming even more attracted to the Kraken King, while he talks himself in and out of trying to win her over again. The chemistry and sexual tension between these two is simply delicious. Because I’m reading the first several installments back to back, I’m not sure how this will relate into serial format as the books will be released a week apart. I think I’ll wait several days to read part three to see how easy it will be to fall right back in with this couple. I love how they interact with each other and how completely smitten it seems Ariq is with all aspects of Zenobia. It’s not just her looks that attract him, but her bravery, cunning and agile mind. That makes him even more attractive.

This installment is only four chapters (4-8), but the action picks up immensely and I now have a much better understanding of the background of not only the main protagonists, but many of the secondary characters as well. I’ve always loved Meljean Brooks’ imaginative worldbuilding and fantastical creatures, and so far in just eight chapters readers have been introduced to kraken, boiler worms and an entirely new society whose politics make up a huge part of the plotline. I’m only on Part II and can already tell that The Kraken King will be a wild ride. Final Grade- B+

On to Part III, The Kraken King and the Fox’s Den.

Favorite Quote:

“Whatever you are running from or running toward, I will help you.”

Rating: B+
The Kraken King Part II: The Kraken King and the Abominable Worm by Meljean Brook
April 22nd 2014 by InterMix
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