Review: Down on Her Knees by Christine Bell

Down on Her Knees is the third book in the Dare Me series by Christine Bell. I’ve been waiting for this story since Rafe and Courtney had their little spat over his bdsm lifestyle during Lacey’s bachelorette party in the novella Down the Aisle. Ahhh, the sexual tension!!

“See there you go again, talking about yanking and chains. It’s stuck in your head now, isn’t it?

 Down on Her Knees (Dare Me #3) by Christine Bell Since that night they are uneasy around each other. He teases her and she takes everything he says and turns it into some kind of dirty, bondage innuendo, but they are stuck together in the same group of friends and have to deal with each other. They have chemistry, lots and lots of chemistry, but she won’t ever let another man control her like her last boyfriend and he has absolutely no desire beyond anything but bedroom play. In fact, his rule is no more than four scenes with the same woman, but Rafe’s dominant nature wants to get down and dirty with her very badly. So after their desire for each other sparks to life in a major way at Lacey and Galen’s wedding Rafe offers her a deal. Four scenes, only sex, strictly to get this tension between them out of their systems. Then they can walk away and stay friends.

“It all seems so clinical,” she murmured, but she didn’t say no.

“Believe me, it will be anything but that. You want to trust yourself again? Start now. Go with your gut. I dare you.”

Rafe might seem like he’s all business sending Courtney a contract and survey filled with questions about her likes and dislikes and sexual history, but what he’s actually doing is giving her a chance to explore her sexuality and learn to trust her feelings. So they begin a sexy, playful fling filled with spankings, blindfolds and role-playing. Courtney learns that just because Rafe likes to be in control in the bedroom doesn’t mean he is anything like her last boyfriend. And that she really, really likes it when he tells her what to do. Rafe begins to open himself up again and starts to build a connection with a woman again.

“Did I not do a good job? My ex said it’s slutty to do that and—”

“I stopped you because I need to be inside you. And your ex is clearly the stupidest motherfucker to ever own a dick if he didn’t like that.

While this is a sexy romance and Rafe and Courtney have a lot of fun in the bedroom, if you’re looking for a bdsm romance, this isn’t it. I guess when I picture contracts and safe words and dominants I think more hard-core. While Rafe is adventurous and likes having some control in the bedroom, he is NOT a dom. This is not a D/s book. There is role-playing, dirty talking and one scene where he rips off her panties and ties her up with them, but nothing too intense. 😉

I think what I like about this series the most is the dialogue, humor and secondary characters. This is the third book and if you’ve enjoyed the main characters from the previous two books then you are in for a treat because they make appearances throughout and actually help bring these lovers together. This is a fun series, every book a fast, enjoyable read with just the right amounts of sexy and sweet. Rafe and Courtney’s story was short, and I felt they fell in love a little too fast, but I had so much fun I didn’t mind. Hopefully Christine Bell will carry on with this series and bring this group back again. Final Grade- B-

Favorite Quote:

“That…” He swallowed hard and let out a short laugh, before pressing a kiss to her nose. “That was something right there, Nurse DeLollis.”

She chuckled and let her legs go limp. “You got that right, Detective Davenport.”

Rating: B-
Down on Her Knees by Christine Bell
February 24th 2014 by Entangled Publishing
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