Review: The King by J.R. Ward


When I heard Wrath and Beth were going to get another book I was beside myself.  At least that was my first reaction.  Then I started thinking of all the ways they could be messed with.  Wrath and Beth have been my favorite couple from the start and I am always rereading their book.  What I didn’t want this book to be was a 600 pages of filler.  I didn’t want to look back and think how this should have been the culmination of their relationship and how it went over like a fart in church.  So what did I think?

Wrath and Beth–  SUPER STARS.  I yelled, I laughed, I cried, I hugged my kindle with joy….Ward didn’t let me down here.  So many good things happened.  I thought the way Beth ended up pregnant was perfect.  All of Wrath’s bitching and moaning for naught, Beth already had a bun in the oven.  I kind of thought that was the case when Beth kept wondering why her pants were tight but I still like how it went down.  And Wrath’s reaction to finding out he was having a son?  Absolutely perfect.  That part got me.

Assail and Sola–  I suppose they should be next since they seemed to have most of the page time.  That was 100 pages I could have done without.  Why?  Why were they pertinent to the story or any ongoing part of the story?  I liked them in LAL but after two sections of their story in The King, I was done.  Over.  I can’t say I read a single section with them in it after that.

Trez/Selena and iAm–  Is it wrong that the only thing I got out of this storyline is that iAm is a virgin??  I didn’t hate them and from Ward’s Q&A over the weekend we know their story is next (here is a really good update).  I am undecided on whether I will read it or not.  Maybe Murhder being in the book will tip the scales to yes.

Xcor and Layla-  The other reason I read this book.  Of course that means that had like 20 pages.  I see from that signing it seems that Layla might be Throe’s sister??  What is up with that?  Considering Throe seems to going bad and Xcor seems to be going good this should get interesting.  I like the deal Xcor and Layla struck at the end of the book.  Maybe this means we will see more of them together.

Lassiter– He’s funny.  I would like to see him more often.

Qhuay–   Nothing.  We got nothing.  Grumble, grumble.

JM–  I like how he was there for Beth.  Even knowing who he is, I still think they have an interesting brother/sister relationship.  Though, I kind of wonder what the point to the seizures are if he is never going to recover his memory as Darius.

Overall, it was a typical Ward book.  I really didn’t like parts of it but the page time for Wrath and Beth made up for it.  I am not sure where I stand with the series though.  I would like Xcor/Layla’s story but that all kind of depends on who I have to read about to get there.

Rating: B
The King by J.R. Ward
April 1st 2014 by Penguin Group (USA)
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  1. Lammie says

    Wait a minute. How can Throe be Layla’s brother? That is just icky. Didn’t he get aroused when she fed him after Xcor almost killed him in a previous book?

    • says

      That does seem odd, right? Maybe I took it wrong? Here is the quote:

      Q: Is Autumn Throe’s sister?
      A: No, but his sister is the lynchpin around which two of your favorite characters spin.

      Who else do you think it would be?

    • FV Angela says

      YES! I said this exact same thing yesterday. I would love to see Throe with Saxton. Then the Saxton, Blay, Qhuinn, Layla, Xcor, Throe circle would be complete.