Review: Kindle Accessories – Sleeve and Light

I’ve had my beloved Kindle since October of 2009 sans the accessories.  I know!  What have I been thinking?  I did I finally purchase a pretty skin but that’s been it for accessories.  Part of the reason my poor Kindle lacked all the pretty accessories every girly Kindle needs is my inability to make a decision on what I want.  I couldn’t decide if I wanted a jacket, or sleeve.  Did I want leather, neoprene, or a cutsie one from Etsy?  There are just so many choices out there I couldn’t decide.

I finally decided that I wanted a protective sleeve for my Kindle for taking it on the go.  I didn’t want the extra bulk of a jacket while reading but wanted some protection for my Kindle when I put it in my purse or bag.  I’ve shopped all over the internet and decided I really liked M-Edge products.  When Mother’s day rolled around, my sweet husband surprised me with a pretty purple M-Edge Page Leather Kindle Sleeve .

He also threw in a handy dandy Ozeri Kandle LED Book Light so I can read in bed while he sleeps.  I’m no longer banished to the couch for late night reading!

My M-Edge leather page sleeve is beautiful and well made.  It fits the 6” latest generation Kindle.  The interior is very soft, nothing to scratch my Kindle when sliding it in or out.  The fit is was snug at first but after a bit of use it has loosened up some.  Still a nice secure fit so the Kindle will not slide out even if the leather closure strap was not tucked over the top though.

At first I was a little disappointed that there was no opening at the bottom to allow for charging while the Kindle was in the sleeve.  But I realized if I just put my Kindle in the sleeve in the opposite direction, and leave the closure strap open I can charge while the Kindle is in the sleeve.  Not really a big deal at all.  The leather page sleeve comes in several very nice colors and is reasonably priced.  It is also available in synthetic leather at an even more affordable price.

Kandle LED Book Light by Ozeri has been a very welcome addition to my Kindle reading.  I’m a late night reader and to be able to take my Kindle to bed with me has been wonderful!

The book light clamps securely to the top of the Kindle but not so firmly that you risk any kind of damage.  The clamp surfaces are padded so they won’t scratch the Kindle or leave marks.  It’s very lightweight and doesn’t add much weight to the Kindle when attached.  When reading in complete darkness using the Kandle book light the LED lighting seems a little harsh, however the light arm is adjustable and moving it at different angles seems to soften the lighting a bit.  My Kandle book light came with two standard 3V CR2032 lithium batteries installed and with two additional batteries.  I’m not sure how long each set of batteries will actually last but I’ve been using my book light regularly since Mother’s Day and the original batteries are still going strong.  Replacement batteries seem reasonably priced and fairly easy to replace although you will need a small Philips screwdriver.  The Kandle book light comes in black and white.

So far a I am very happy with my new leather sleeve and book light and can’t think of anything else I really need to make Kindle reading more pleasurable.  However, I am always open to suggestions.  Tell me about your favorite e-book accessories.


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    Sadly, I don't have any Kindle accessories. I'm gonna go Etsy shopping soon though. I'm terrified I'm going to hurt my poor Paige by just tossing her in my purse with the random stuff my 4 1/2 year old tosses in there (I found an Iron Man 2 action figure between Paige and my wallet this morning).

    And the LED light is totally BRILLIANT. I'm gonna have to check into that. Is it super bright? FH gets cranky if light is shone in his face while he's snoring…. er, sleeping. =)

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Dren–Yes, the e-book light makes for a more harmonious marriage. :)

    Marce–Yes, I love my Kindle skin. I got mine from Decal Girl but there are lots of very nice choices out there.

    MK–The book light is bright enough for reading but doesn't seem to bother my hubby when he's trying to sleep. The light arm is adjustable so you can lower it to reduce the 'halo' of light.

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    I have a skin that I love. I have a cover that my daughter loves to chew on. And I have a light that clips, but I like the one you have. So I think I am going to order that one. I'm happy that you are enjoying your kindle and everything that comes with it. :)

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    I am still Kindle free but always interested in reading about them and how people are liking them. I get closer and closer to crossing over to one for traveling purposes… books can be heavy :)

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    Sheila–Oh yes, do come over the world of e-readers!! I love my Kindle so much. I especially like that my Amazon Kindle books will sync with my iPhone so if I am out without my Kindle and want to sneak a read, I can pick up where I left off on my Kindle and read on my iPhone. Pretty handy for a book addict like me LOL.

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    AHH…I need a Kindle light. I use a book light but it doesn't fit on very well. I never even knew they made one.

    I used to use a black book thing the kindle would fit into..but I stopped when I got my skin, because you can't see it if you use it. And you know my hubs wants to see BFlow. :)

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    Mandi–The Kandle works really well with the Kindle, I love it! My sleeve comes off my Kindle when I read so I get to look at my pretty Kindle skin when I read. But, sadly, I don't have a B-Flo skin like you. *sob* LOL

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    Nice accessories. I do have a skin and a pouch I keep mine in. What I like about my pouch is that there is a pocket I can put my charger in so everything is in one place.

    I see you're reading Sanctuary Unbound and I'm so jealous!! I love the Red Rock and Southern Arcana series' by Moira Rogers.

    Stephanie G

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    Your hubby is the sweetest, surprising you like that! :) I don't have a Kindle but a Sony and I have a cover instead of a sleeve with a build-in light at the side. It's perfect :)

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    Into the cover. It folds neatly into the side of the cover, so that it's not in the way when you don't use it :)

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    I have a skin on my sony pocket that I love. Right now I keep it in the sleeve it came in. I am going to make a carrier that will also hold my iPod. Too bad those only fit kindles. I'm pretty sure my Sony is a different size. I really do like that holder you got and I'll look for a light for mine as well! Good post!

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    Janna…where did you get the Sony cover/light? I have a Sony and use a generic book light along with the cover that came with the reader, but would like something better.

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    I have an M-Edge cover that holds a book light and while I love it, it can be a little heavy while reading in bed… I didn't know there were book lights you could clip on!

    Thanks for sharing!!

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    My kindle light fits on the side and has a moveable "neck" so you can angle it how you want it. Only problem is it doesn't fit in my new cover when it's closed, so I have to remember to bring it with me if I think I'm going to need it (ie: road trips).

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    I have a JAVOedge flip case for my Kindle that I adore. It has a piece on the back of the case that opens like an easel stand so that you can stand it up on a table or desk and read it at an angle without holding it. This piece can also be left unopened so that you can lay it flat to read if you prefer that. There are so many choices out there now that everyone can find what they want.

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    I am not a kindle fan – but I love that cover…

    Really classy – and the light is just sugar on top…

    Isn't it nice to get new accessories in the mail…


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    FV!!! I ordered the Kandle last night…don't have a Kindle but am sure it will fit on my BeBook and I really need a good book light because the one I have doesn't fit right….keeps jumping off and my marriage won't survive the "Lights out, PLEASE!" command every night for much longer LOL

    Thank you for blogging about this!