Review: Kidnapped by the Greek Billionaire by Rachel Lyndhurst

Kidnapped by a Greek Billionaire - Rachel LyndhurstConfronted with reality that she is going to lose her job and her livelihood, Kizzy Dean comes to London to confront her boss.  But because she is ten minutes late for the meeting she misses him.  His snarky secretary tells her that he is most likely at the top of London and there is no way for her to see him.  Determined to say her piece, Kizzy goes on the hunt for Andreas Lazarides.

When she gets to the London Eye she runs into a very good-looking man and vents all to him.  Of course, she does not know the man she is venting to is none other than her boss.  She has given him a false name that happens to be his secretary’s name so he is immediately suspicious and on guard.  After hearing her story, Andreas knows that he must take her away to keep her from ruining some well placed plans he has in the works.  From there we get the title of the book, Kidnapped by the Greek Billionaire.

It wasn’t really a kidnapping because Kizzy kind of went along with the whole thing.  She falls into the doormat section of personalities and basically let Andreas do what he wants.  Every now and then she would put up a token protest but there wasn’t anything believable behind the protest.

In a very predictable plot line Andreas offers for Kizzy to become his mistress and she indignantly refuses on the grounds that he is her boss and that would not be proper.  She eventually gives in and Andreas is wowed by her virginity.  He knows he must do whatever he can to keep her around.  In a strange twist Kizzy decides that she must turn the tables, become the sex kitten and proposes they just be lovers with no strings attached.  A couple of weeks down the road and one misunderstanding later, Kizzy is pregnant and Andreas is pushing a marriage.

Kidnapped by the Greek Billionaire is a fairly straightforward version of a Harlequin shorty.  It is quick and fast but nothing I haven’t read several dozen times before.  There is something about those Greek billionaires that suck me in every time though!  Final grade- D+

Rating: D+
Kidnapped by the Greek Billionaire by Rachel Lyndhurst
February 14th 2012 by Entangled Publishing
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  1. says

    Oh Jen.

    I did not like this book. Why would she go off with a complete stranger?? And then they are making out on the boat. Did not work for me. I DNF’d.

    Kizzy ends up preggers? *bangs head*

    • Jen says

      I felt like I had to give it at least a D+ simply because I wasn’t expecting TOO much. I mean, they are all pretty similar to each other.

      But yes, in a shocking turn of events, she ends up preggo.

  2. says

    I laughed when you chose this book. I thought the title was cheesy. I was hoping it was going to turn out to be really good. Sorry it didn’t work for you. :(

  3. says

    Too bad this wasn’t better for you. What was the reason for the heroine deciding she needed to morph into a sex kitten extraordinaire?