Review: Kick Start by Josh Lanyon

Kick Start (Dangerous Ground #5) by Josh LanyonKick Start is the 5th book in Josh Lanyon’s Dangerous Ground series featuring ex-special agents Will Brandt and Taylor McAllister. I loved the last book in this series and was looking forward to reading this new one, but overall I was left feeling underwhelmed. I should note the books in this series are more novella length as this one came in around 122 pages. And I think that’s where my gripe comes in on this book – so many plot points in so few pages.

Will and Taylor are now trying to run their own security business, but they’re failing. With a job gone wrong and no client on the books, Will decides to head home to see his father and brother, and he brings Taylor with him. While Will and Taylor have been together awhile now, there’s still some struggle between the two of them. Nothing ever seems to be easy. While I was happy to get introduced to Will’s father (who was great) it would have been nice if  this story was really centered on Will and Taylor and the introduction to Will’s family and childhood home. There’s some conflict with Will’s brother too. But then there’s also several other plot points going on in 122 pages, making me frustrated and wanting our two heroes to just have some time with each other to sort things out – to get in a more comfortable emotional place with each other. Just when it wast starting to get good and we were seeing progress, the book was over.

This is definitely a book that you need to read the others in the series first. If you like this series I can’t help thinking that you’ll be saying “Is this it?” at the end of this book.

Rating: C
Kick Start by Josh Lanyon
November 30th 2013 by Just Joshin
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    I have read all of Lanyon’s stuff except this series. Every review I have read (for all the books) says that their relationship is just too hard. It seems like after 5 books maybe it should be so hard any more?

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