Review: Immortal Rider by Larissa Ione

“You,” he purred , “are a HILF.”  “A what?”  “Horseman I’d like to fuck.”

Lethal, sexy Limos is the only female among the four Horseman of the Apocalypse.  A virgin who was promised by her mother to Satan as a child, she is bound, literally, by a chastity belt placed on her body by the devil himself until he takes her as his bride.  Needless to say, if she ever gives in to her sexual desires or gives her affections to anyImmortal Rider by Larissa Ione male, it will prove deadly.  Limos, along with her two brothers, are in a continuous battle against their brother, Pestilence (f.k.a. Reseph), who’s seal is broken.  Pestilence is the first brother to break his seal, turn evil and now he is on a mission to do the same to his siblings in order to combine evil forces to ignite the Apocalypse.

Arik Wagner is a human working for the U.S. Army’s paranormal unit.  His job is stressful enough but things get a whole lot messier.   Arik attends a celebration at Ares’s mansion after defeating Pestilence’s latest attack.  Upon their initial meeting, Arik was immediately attracted to Limos and decided he had nothing to lose by flirting with her at the party. BIG MISTAKE!  Arik goes in for a kiss and his day gets shot to hell in a hand basket.  The binding contract that Satan has with Limos is such that if any man kisses her, he is sent to Sheoul and tortured until he screams her name in agony.  Once her name is uttered, the agreement is set that Limos will willingly take her place as Satan’s bride for eternity.  The last words Limos says to Arik before he was taken were “No matter what they do, don’t speak my name!”  Arik takes her words to heart and in return he is brutally and continuously tortured and starved.  One horrific month later, Arik is rescued from Sheoul and Limos discovers a side of herself she never thought possible. While caring for Arik as he mentally struggles with his return to the real world, she is struck by all that Arik sacrificed on her behalf and realizes she can care for a man other than her brothers. Once Arik is back to his functioning self, he is determined to find a way to break Satan’s contract that looms over Limo’s head.

I have to start off in saying that I get giddy when I sit down to open a book by Larissa Ione.  After I was introduced to the paranormal world of romance, I tried to get my hands on any and every author that could that could capture a magnificent world and enduring characters like my beloved J.R.Ward.  No one could fit the bill until I immersed myself into Ms. Ione’s Demonica series and then my search was over.  What adds the “crème de la crème” to her new series are the well-loved Demonica characters who are now a part of the world of The Lords of Deliverance.

Eternal Rider sets the stage for The Lords of Deliverance series but Immortal Rider throws you into the no holds barred action of this amazing world.  It’s dark, gritty, violent, snarky, sexy and will push boundaries like no other book Ms. Ione has penned.  With that said, it is not for the faint of heart or the reader who may have issues with violence and/or torture because Arik faces his share of it and then some.  Delivering wicked hot demons and fierce warriors of the Apocalypse, Ms. Ione sets a compelling course to Doomsday as each story unfolds.  What you can always count on is even though you are engrossed in an evil and vengeful setting, Ms. Ione’s underlying theme is a desire for the greater good in both mankind and her characters.  Limos’ inner nature is to lie but Arik’s kind nature and protectiveness compels her to want to be truthful and an overall better person.  She struggles with the secrets and deceptions from her past that have been hidden for too long.  Once revealed, Limos expects both her brothers and Arik will never forgive her.  Instead, they all are willing to do whatever is necessary to protect Limos and dissolve the contract Satan has condemned her to.

Although the book is centered toward Arik and Limos, there are several subplots that continue to set the dark tone of secrets and danger that lurks ahead. Immortal Rider lacked the sexy times I’ve come to expect with Ms. Ione’s main characters, but the sexual tension both Arik and Limos sparked was sizzling and provided affirmation that when they did come together, it was a climactic bombshell of hotness every reader would love!  Ms. Ione literally writes some of the most erotic, steamy sex scenes in paranormal romance and the build up to those scenes will have you squirming in your pants!  It was an added bonus of humor at how both Limos’ brothers were mortified by the thought of their sister “getting it on” with the “human” and how they struggled not to kick Arik’s ass!

Delivering intimidating and captivating characters set against an epic battle of good versus evil, Immortal Rider is nothing short of amazing. Any paranormal reader who has not tapped into the greatness of Larissa Ione needs to start at the beginning with her Demonica series and strap in for an incredible ride.


Favorite Quote: 

He stepped back from her just enough that he could rake his gaze down her body.  “Oh, yeah.  I want to take you in every way imaginable and keep you so sexed up that when you aren’t in bed, all you’ll be thinking about is getting back in it.”  He took in her lush curves, imagining how well they’d buffer his thrusts.  “And that’s just tonight’s itinerary.”

Rating: A+
Immortal Rider by Larissa Ione
November 22nd 2011 by Grand Central
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    • says

      You definitely have a better appreciation for this series if you start with Larissa’s Demonica series first. The characters carry over into Lords of Deliverance.

    • says

      OMG, Arik was badass! Loved, loved this book so much more than Ares book. And the next one is gonna be C R A Z Y!!! I cant’ wait!

  1. says

    I didn’t finish the first book. I was overwhelmed with info. But this review makes me want to pick it up again and get going with the series.

    • says

      I mean, I can’t gush enough over Larissa Ione and what she brings to her world and characters! It’s the ride of your life with a balance of battle, humor, and sexiness like only she can deliver! Immortal Rider definitely made my list for top reads of 2011!

  2. Tori says

    Awesome review Amy. OMG this installment was so freaking GOOD!!! Loved Limos & Arik. And the hints she gave to what’s to come???? I can’t wait for the next one to come out.

  3. says

    Surprised that you could do a coherent post. My review is filled with nothing but squee! This is her best book by far, and I can’t believe Mandi and Sophia haven’t read it. OMG how could you miss this? I don’t know how you picked a favorite quote this book was so filled with quotable lines and scenes.