Review: Ice Cold by Cherry Adair

Ice Cold (T-FLAC #17) by Cherry AdairIce Cold is book 17 in Ms Adair’s T-FLAC series.  The last full length T-FLAC novel came out in 2008 so when I heard a new one was being released I did a little happy dance.  The T-FLAC series is full of kick ass heroes and heroines.  Sometimes paranormal and sometimes not I can always count on this series to be packed full of action and smoking hot sex.  I am very happy to say that Ice Cold was just as good as the previous books!

Ice Cold opens with an awesome fight scene between the hero and heroine.  When Honey finds her boss dead and someone else in her location her first instinct is to fight.  When Rafael finds his current partner dead, his first instinct is to fight.  It takes them both a time to realize they are on the same team and need to stop fighting each other.  Rafael is infamous for his reputation as the Spanish Stallion and Honey has known many an operative that has experienced his uh, gift in bed, including her trainer and the person closest to her, Catherine.  With Honey’s boss dead she is the next person to step in and help Rafael with his mission.  By default she just became the best computer person that T-FLAC has and she is determined to prove that she was just as good as her boss.

Rafael is not happy to have gotten a new partner especially Honey who is known as the Ice Princess.  In fact, we spend almost half of the book talking about different body parts that might freeze off if they were to come in contact with Honey.  It is clear that for all his posturing about Honey being ice-cold Rafael is trying to deflect the fact that he really wants her.  Bad.  And now is a terrible time to want her because they are on the trail of a mad bomber, a bomber that is taking down financial institutions all over the world.

Honey receives a text from her mentor, Catherine, telling her that not everything is as it seems and this text sets off some alarm bells.  Catherine is supposed to be in a maximum security prison awaiting death for treason.  She was found to be the head of the Black Rose organization, a terrorist group that has caused T-FLAC a lot of trouble.   At first Honey tells no one about the text because she doesn’t know who to trust but it becomes clear that Honey must tell Rafael and headquarters because someone is impersonating her and doing a very good job at it.  So good a job that even Rafael, who has been intimate with her, has a hard time telling the difference between Honey and the imposter.

Rafael and Honey find the bombmaker and find Catherine.  They are shocked to learn that Catherine perpetrated an escape from prison and has been running the bombing plot under their noses.  Honey, someone who is always closed off with her emotions, is hurt that one of the few people she let in turned out to be a traitor and only using her.  For Rafael’s part, Catherine set up the death of his young wife and has spent years trying to get him into her bed.  She spread rumors that he has already been there but they were untrue.  Even dead drunk he knew better than to hop in bed with a snake.

Honey figures out that Catherine’s end game is the massive computer kept at her ranch in Montana, close to T-FLAC’s headquarters.  The computer is a back-up of the one at HQ’s and stores a massive amount of data and secrets.  Catherine will be able to expose T-FLAC and make billions of dollars selling secrets if she is able to get her hands on that computer.  With the computer is the only person Honey really loves and the man who raised her, Pollack.  Honey and Rafael must keep cool heads and keep Catherine from the information while saving Pollack.

Ice Cold was non stop action.  At first, I was a little put off by how much Rafael called Honey cold.  I didn’t see her as cold just more emotionally challenged and having issues with trust.  Rafael works hard to thaw Honey and when he finally does the sex scenes are explosive.  He refuses to let her distance herself during sex and this leads to a very hot scene where Honey finally gives herself over to a man.    From that point on Honey starts to fall for Rafael all while thinking since he is the Spanish Stallion he is just in love ’em and leave ’em mode.  But this time Rafael plays for keeps.

I love how Ms Adair is able to weave heart stopping action in with great love scenes.  Once Honey thaws these two go at it and I couldn’t get enough.  I really liked both characters and their reactions to each other seemed true to the past we were given for them.  Also I am very happy to be back in T-FLAC world.  I love the concept of T-FLAC and I hope Ms. Adair is going to give us several more books with this new group of agents.  Final grade- B

Favorite Quote:

Angled facedown across her crumpled sheets, Navarro lay fast asleep.  He was butt naked.

Honey leaned against the doorjamb, arm folded.  A small smile curved her lips as she said softly, “And it isn’t even my birthday.”

Rating: B
Ice Cold by Cherry Adair
October 11th 2012 by Adair Digital
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  1. TrishJ says

    OMGoodness. I love the T-FLAC guys and gals. This has to be one of my all time favorites.. cant wait to read this book.

  2. Cindi says

    Thanks for your review. I originally loved Ms. Adair’s T-Flac series but then kinda lost my enthusiasm around her Edge trilogy. Sounds like this one is a winner tho, especially because of your quote … Navarro is just plain sexy!