Review: Hunter’s Prey by Moira Rogers

Hunter's Prey - Moira Rogers

 Being alone with her was a delight and a danger.

Hunter is a newly made bloodhound. He was not made by the Gulild, in same manner his fellow bloodhounds were and therefore did not receive the benefit of any type of education and training.  He was kept in a cage after his making and was tortured and fed upon by vampires until his rescue. Although his new ferel instincts drive him to nearly lose control at times, he still maintains a good part of his humanity, and is able to recognize that he is a danger to those around him.

The new moon. Sexual madness wrapped in savagery, and something he’d never endured outside the confines of a cage. A shudder claimed him, and he stepped away from Ophelia, unable to reconcile the clean sweetness of her scent with memories of such unbridled hunger.

He worries that he could be a particular danger to Ophelia during the new moon when he will be overtaken by sexual fury. Hunter feels more than a little attraction to her but at this point he knows there is no way he can get involved with her.

Ophelia is a retired prostitute who is now the house manager for the bloodhounds. She feels a strong attraction to the newest hound and offers to help ease him through his first new moon out of the cage knowing full well she can handle him. But after Hunter refuses for fear he will hurt her, she makes arrangements for him to spend the three days of the new moon at a local brothel with a friend whom she is sure can help Hunter, even though deep down it hurts her to think of him with another. But when Hunter refuses the prostitute in the middle of his lustful frenzy, it’s Ophelia he ultimately accepts for reasons they both suspect could mean big trouble.

This is one of the steamier series by Moira Rogers and I have to say, this writing duo can torch the pages with the sexy times. But they also bring the romance in a frenzied bloodhound paranormal way. Although Hunter battles with control over his impulses for violence, there is still a civil part of him that recognizes his mate and his gentleness even in heat of the new moon, is very sexy and appealing. Although Hunter has the potential hurt those around him, Ophelia instinctively knows he will not hurt her and her main concern is in caring for Hunter. I liked that she was strong and sturdy without having to tell us she is strong and sturdy. Her actions throughout the story give a clear picture of her strength and hardiness and I only wish there would have been more background information on her. To be honest I can’t remember much about her from the first book in the series but since this was her romance, and I found Ophelia so likable and I really would have liked to know more about her.

I can appreciate that this is a paranormal romance and so the story revolves around romantic relationship. However, I felt like I missed out on the setting this time. I know that setting was established in the first book in the series, but I didn’t feel as immersed in an alternative old west, steampunk setting as I’d like when reading this book. I’d hoped for a bit more ambiance and although it’s there, I would have liked more in the way of gadgetry, grit and setting.

While I missed some of the grit of the old west, I loved Hunter and Ophelia and their hot, sexy romance.

 Favorite Quote: 

“It has to be a game. Because the only thing that makes me hotter than watching you on your knees is the idea of letting you loose so I can catch you and put you there again.”

Rating: B
Hunter’s Prey by Moira Rogers
March 6th 2012 by Samhain
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