Review: The Hot Zone by Jayne Castle

The Hot Zone by Jayne Castle Rainshadow #3, Harmony #11

“This is Rainshadow,” Slade said.  “No one ends up here without a really good story.  In my experience, most of those stories turn out to be true.”

Rainshadow Island is a place for people who just don’t quite fit in anywhere else.  It is a collection of the misfits and rejects of society.  It is the place Sedona comes to be left alone after she was kidnapped and experimented on.  People are now afraid of Sedona’s talent and what she can possibly do.  They think she might go crazy or unleash herself on unsuspecting bystanders.  Sedona doesn’t feel crazy but she is now in possession of a second talent and everyone knows dual talents do not stay sane.  So Sedona will live with her dust bunny Lyle, and try not to lose her mind.

Cyrus Jones is the new Guild boss in town.  As far as the general public knows, he is there to make sure tourist and townspeople do not wander into the dangerous catacombs discovered on the island.  They are supposed to clear out the area and map it before anyone else can get in.  His real mission however, is Sedona Snow.  It is well-known she was kidnapped and given a drug but the Jones family suspects it is the secret formula one of their ancestors created.  Cyrus needs to find out if Sedona was really given the drug and how stable she is.  The family has to know if someone has finally recreated the formula in a correct fashion and how it is being used.

Almost immediately there is chemistry between Cyrus and Sedona.  Even Lyle trust Cyrus because when Sedona is attacked in her home he runs straight to Cyrus.  From that moment on Cyrus decides that he must stay with Sedona and watch over her.  He doesn’t go all manly on her though, he trusts her use her talents and provide help to a mission he must carry out.  This is a huge thing for Sedona because it means he trusts that she isn’t going crazy.

When you throw in an ex MC (marriage of convenience) wanting Sedona back, her reluctant family in the picture again, more kidnapping attempts, Sedona is going to need all the help she can get from Cyrus and the eccentric people of Rainshadow Island.

One thing I can always count on with Jayne Castle (Krentz) is her heroes.  They are loyal, steadfast and will not let their women down.  Once they meet the heroine that is it for them.  Cyrus Jones is that same type of man.  He is a Jones so he has a long history with this series and the other arcs that connect to it.  He is so similar to past heroes but that doesn’t mean he is boring or predictable.  The intensity a Castle hero projects toward their woman is what makes these books for me.  It is why I keep coming back for more.  I don’t have to suffer through angst or uncertainty.  Cyrus knows immediately that Sedona will be the woman for him and he goes out of his way to prove it.  Together they make a great couple with some sexy chemistry.  There are only two sex scenes but they are enough to get the point across.

Overall, I liked this latest installment in the long-standing series.  It is Rainshadow #3 and Harmony #11 so readers have been around this scene for a while and can count on a complex plot with some interesting characters to complement that plot.  The Hot Zone keeps this series flowing in the right direction and I would love for their to be more.  Final grade- B

Favorite Quote:

“Shit.”  Hulk was clearly stunned.  “She’s some kind of fire talent now.  Everyone knows they’re psycho.  I told you, she’s a total whackjob.”

“A whackjob with nothing left to lose,” Sedona warned.  A terrible excitement was flaring inside her.

“Watch and learn, gentlemen.  Watch and learn.”

Rating: B
The Hot Zone by Jayne Castle
August 26th 2014 by Jove
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