Review: Heart of Obsidian by Nalini Singh

It is time to step out of the dark.

Heart of Obsidian. AHHHHHH!! So many emails have gone back and forth between us FV ladies on this book. Now we get the chance to talk about it. This here…this is your spoiler warning!! Angela and I will not be giving away major spoilers, like the identity of the Ghost or certain plot points, but minor things like the name of the hero, well we couldn’t do this review without using it. We have tried to avoid using the heroine’s name because it isn’t mentioned until about 50 pages in.

So once again….MINOR (very minor) SPOILERS AHEAD!!! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Heart of Obsidian (Psy-Changeling, #12) Rate this book 1 of 5 stars2 of 5 stars3 of 5 stars4 of 5 stars5 of 5 stars Heart of Obsidian (Psy-Changeling #12) by Nalini SinghKaleb Krychek, cardinal telekinetic and a man no one wanted to meet alone on a dark night, had been searching for his quarry for seven years, three weeks, and two days.

Jen: KALEB. Big, shouty, capital letters. KALEB. I knew I would be excited for his book but when we had to experience all the build up; not knowing who the book was about, not getting the official blurb, that just made me even more excited. I stated not too long ago that Nalini Singh could write the phone book and I would read it. So y’all can imagine my excitement for this book! I did a series reread and finished at 5pm the night before I opened Heart of Obsidian. I was ready to go!

The black depths of his eyes devoid of stars once more, and endless night that threatened to suck her under, he rose to his feet and, placing his hands on the table, leaned toward her until she could’ve reached out and ran her fingers along his freshly shaven jaw.

“You are here,” he said in a tone that made her heart thump wildly against her ribs, “because you belong to me.”

Angela: I kept hoping this was Kaleb’s book. I’ve been intrigued by him from the start. So cold, he seemed to be playing a broad game in the PsyNet, with the Arrows and all his business interests and I just KNEW when Nalini Singh finally got to telling his story that it would be deep and profound. She excels at writing these type of characters and hit it out of the ballpark with Kaleb. Heart of Obsidian is my new favorite book in this series and (I’m so sorry Judd) Kaleb my favorite hero.

The story:

Jen: I had heard this book could almost be a standalone and maybe it could? There were some interactions with previous characters but for the most part this story was about Kaleb and his love. There are flashes of backsight woven into the book that give us the full story about Kaleb and how his mate met. We also found most of the major arc wrapped up with some small hints at what will come next. I can honestly say that I was riveted to the conflict as just as much as I was to the love story. The major conflicts were action packed and fitting to the place we have been led to.

I know we just finished Heart of Obsidian but I am so anxious about who will be next. I have my thoughts there. (please let it be Aden or Vasic)

The Ghost….after my reread I was pretty sure I knew who it was and I was right. Looking back, I think the signs were pretty obvious. I was happy it was who it was and I like how it was revealed. It wasn’t splashy or dramatic. It was done very quietly and appropriately.

One of the major reasons I liked the book was because Ms. Singh did not attempt to change Kaleb. Kaleb is not a nice man. He is not good. He lacks empathy and most warm emotions. Even though he found love we don’t see him morph into a softer more caring person. I would have been so disappointed if that had happened.

“You’ll have to be my conscience.” He knew his flaws, and he knew the parts of him that were irrevocably broken. “Mine isn’t going to grow back.”

Angela: I honestly believe Nalini Singh did an absolute brilliant job telling Kaleb’s love story. Through their current interactions, his love’s memories slowly coming to the surface and Kaleb’s thoughts the reader takes a journey into a softly passionate love affair that started out as a friendship between two unlikely people. I think their connection is only intensified by the backdrop of the coldly dispassionate Psy world.

There were so many things I loved about this couple. Her compassion and energy set against his solitary and unemotional presence. The way their backstory was allowed to unfold slowly so that the reader gets a complete understanding of their bond. The things he continues to do for her even during her absence (this will make you sigh people, seriously). The way she loves him all the while knowing he is never going to be a “good” man. The way he is unapologetically living his life solely for the only person who matters to him and makes no bones about it. His need to punish every single person who ever hurt her. Everything really. I loved everything.

If she demanded vengeance, he’d turn the world bloodred.

The revelation of who the Ghost is wasn’t a big surprise to me (I totally guessed it correctly) and I agree with Jen, it was revealed in the perfect way. I like how the ongoing major story arc wrapped up and am so looking forward to seeing what comes next. I can’t even guess who that will be.. Aden? Or maybe Adam Garrett of the WindHaven falcons? I really have no idea. I kept thinking how talented Ms.Singh is to have created such a clever, extensive world while still being able to weave so many beautiful love stories within.

Final Thoughts:

Jen: I once said that I would read the phone book if Nalini Singh wrote it, but I believe that with Heart of Obsidian she went so far above and beyond anything she has written. It was a beautiful, amazing, heartbreaking love story and intertwined it with answers we have all been waiting for. I can’t say enough about how this book was written. Like you Angela, Judd has always been my favorite but now Kaleb has firmly moved into that spot. This will be a book I will reread so many times and it will never lose its appeal. Final grade- A+

Angela: I’m always worried when a highly anticipated, much publicized book releases that my expectations will be so high that I will surely be disappointed… That never happens with Nalini Singh. Heart of Obsidian was the perfect love story for this couple. Final grade- A+

Jen’s Favorite Quote:

It was the greatest of ironies that the only person who had ever held him as if he mattered was the one person who did not need to hold him at all. If [….] called, he would come.


Angela’s Favorite Quote:

His expression altered to a hardness that made it clear who and what he was, his arms coming down on either side of her as he lowered his face until their breaths kissed. “It will,” he said in a silken whisper, “only ever be with me.”


Rating: A+
Heart of Obsidian by Nalini Singh
June 4th 2013  Berkley Sensation
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  1. Amanda says

    One of the major reasons I liked the book was because Ms. Singh did not attempt to change Kaleb. Kaleb is not a nice man. He is not good. He lacks empathy and most warm emotions. Even though he found love we don’t see him morph into a softer more caring person. I would have been so disappointed if that had happened

    That to me is one of the reasons I enjoyed this book so much. If his character had done an instant-change because of love (which does sometimes happen in books), his story would just not have resonated with readers the way it did

  2. pamelia says

    Can’t read the review — must read book first! Except I am in a quandry— do I have to read “Tangle of Need” before this one? I don’t know if ToN’s awful cover is what is keeping me away or what, but for some reason I only want to read it if I need to keep up with stuff to “get” “Heart of Obsidian” Whaddya think?

    • says

      Well the OCD in me says yes, you should read ToN. It is full of good stuff. If ever a book could stand alone in this series it would be HoO buttttttt….

      ToN is good. They are all good.

  3. says

    Favorite quote: “I’ll come for you. Survive! Survive for me!”

    FV Sophia, you absolutely should glom the series. Absolutely–you won’t regret it.

    Until you hit the last page and realize you now have to wait until Summer next year for the next installment.

    *abject sob*