Review: Heart of Danger by Lisa Marie Rice

They are Ghosts. They do not exist. Their birth certificates have been destroyed, all traces of their civilian and military pasts wiped out. They have no official military rank and wear no uniforms or insignia, save a tiny steel pin of a striking hawk forged from the rifle that killed Osama Bin Laden.

Heart of Danger by Lisa Marie RiceDr. Catherine Young studies the human brain.  From a young age she knew she was different and she thought that if she could learn how the brain works, maybe just maybe she could explain why she was different.  Unfortunately, even though she is brilliant and dedicated she has never been able to explain why she can feel emotions with just a touch of her hands.

While working on a special project testing a new drug for dementia patients she is touched by a man and thought flood her head.  She is compelled to find Tom ‘Mac’ McEnroe.  She must take a message to him.  The other way she knows to find him is by using the images stuck in her brain from her patient.  Using those images she finds herself stranded in the middle of snow storm, in a dead car and nowhere to go.  Just when she thinks she is going to die she is rescued by a large, scarred man.

The large, scarred man is Tom ‘Mac’ McEnroe.  He should be totally off the grid so he wants to know how Catherine managed to find him and his home.  His home is a high, tech lair that has everything a person could want.  He is basically the king of the community which is made up of two of his fellow soldiers and many other stragglers that needed a place to live where nobody could find them.  Catherine delivers her message to Mac and now Mac must decide whether to believe her and what they should do with the message.  It seems his old commanding officer, someone he respected greatly yet betrayed him, is in danger and might need a rescue.

Heart of Danger is an interesting book.  From what I could gather it has to be set several years in the future because there is some advanced technology talked about.  The place where everyone lives is a bit beyond normal belief.  If such a place were able to exist it would be really stinking cool.  It is a self-contained world.  The have gardens and a cafe and crazy touch technology.  They have a gourmet chef and a state of the art medical facility.  And somehow it is all off the grid.  Nobody knows about it.  This sounds like the place I need to be.  If only it where real…or is it and I just don’t know about it??

Mac and Catherine are slow to develop in the relationship area.  There is a lot of talk about how beautiful Catherine is.  She is described with a lot of adjectives like shining, bright, glowing, light and so on.  I got the point after the first half of the book.  Mac is the beast in the scenario.  He comes off as a very ugly man but something still draws.  He has that brute force about him that usually appeals to me.  The two dance around each other for the first half of the book and I have to say it got a little old.  They don’t even touch each other sexually until the 58% mark.  Then there are some pretty explosive sex scenes.  It was nice once we finally got them but I could have used them a bit earlier.

Overall the book is a decent read.  I didn’t love it but I was far from hating it.  The characters kept me turning the pages pretty easily.  I will be looking for the next book because Mac’s two fellow soldiers should be as interesting as he was.  If anything I want to read more about this place they live.  I am way sucked into that.  Final grade- C+

Favorite Quote:

“I’m not too sure what to call this.  Sex seems so … banal.”

A startled laugh came out of her.  “Banal?  Did you just say banal?”

“Yeah.  I think we’re going to have to come up with some other name for it, for what we just did.  Like ‘mex’ or ‘shex’.  Shex would do it because it’s a mix of sex and hex.  Because you are not convincing me that was natural.”

Rating: C+
Heart of Danger by Lisa Marie Rice
November 6th 2012 by Avon Red
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