Review: Heart of Atlantis by Alyssa Day

Heart of Atlantis by Alyssa DayIt seems like I’ve waited forever for Alaric and Quinn’s story. Every series has a couple who readers want to see get their HEA and who will follow the series to the end to see them get it. Alaric and Quinn are that couple for The Warriors of Poseidon series by Alyssa Day. Heart of Atlantis is the eighth book in a series that saw its’ first book released in 2007. That’s five years I’ve been waiting, so needless to say I had high expectations going into this book.

Quinn is the leader of the rebels, who have fought the vampires and especially Anubisa, the vampire goddess, for years. These rebels have aligned themselves with the Atlantians and Quinn’s sister Riley has mated with the Crown Prince Conlan and will soon be the new Queen. Since the very beginning Quinn and Alaric, the High Priest of Atlantis have been circling each other and their attraction. These two have grown to love each other, but because of Alaric’s vow of celibacy and both of their duties they have always known they cannot be together. Alaric believes that if he chooses love and sex over his commitments as priest he will lose his powers and not be able to aid Atlantis in her battle with her enemies and the introduction to the world when Atlantis finally rises from her watery grave. Over the last several books, the entire cast of characters have been looking for the jewels that make up the trident and give it its’ power. Until the trident is reunited with all the jewels Atlantis cannot rise.

The final stone has been located, but it’s in the hands of a man who is calling himself the rightful king of Atlantis and who has announced the identity of Quinn as the rebel leader to all the world. Now every enemy that Quinn has ever had knows exactly who she is and what she looks like. Alaric has decided that he doesn’t care about anything else but his love and desire for Quinn and will protect her from the world. With the addition of this new foe the stakes are higher as now Atlantis has a finite amount of time before the dome protecting it from the sea collapses and kills every citizen.

I have mixed feelings about this story. While I enjoyed the battle over evil and seeing the ending to the story arc, I don’t think the action scenes or dialogue flowed as well as previous books. Alaric and Quinn travel all over the world, back and forth through portals and are separated and reunited again and again… there is just so much going on. They are fighting enemies on many different fronts, Alaric is using extreme power to stabilize the dome over Atlantis, and all the while they are trying to figure out what to do about their feelings for each other. In the midst of this all the characters we’ve known and loved make reappearances to help in the epic battle at the conclusion of the story. I did love seeing everyone gathered together again and was glad Ms. Day brought them back so they get the chance to finally defeat their enemies. I wish we could have had more resolution with Jack, at the end he just kind of walks off and I wonder if we will see him again in another series. I hope so.

Alaric and Quinn finally get together, FINALLY, but their sex scenes just didn’t thrill me like I wanted them to. I’ve been waiting for epic, swoon worthy love scenes and just don’t feel like I got them. Maybe my expectations were too high going in, but I needed this love story to be on a grand scale because these two characters are bold, gutsy and bigger than life. Alaric has always been a pretty intense and serious character so I really didn’t get the humor he started showing all of a sudden. When he and Quinn become soul melded it’s like his personality changed, it was weird for me.

I did enjoy this story, just not as much as I expected I would, but I’m glad I stuck with this series to the end. Final Grade: C+

Favorite Quote:

 “You can’t protect me from the monsters, Alaric,” she said quietly.

His laughter was dark and somehow terrifying, even to Quinn, who lived her life pretending to fear nothing.

“Protect you? I would drown the entire world for you, and laugh as every single living being on it died. I’m the monster, Quinn. Better you find a way to protect  yourself from me, because I am the high priest of blood and battle, and the lord of death and destruction. I will never, ever let you go.”

Rating: C+
Heart of Atlantis by Alyssa Day
December 4th 2012 by Berkley
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    I am a long-time fan and reader of this series. I felt the same. I thought maybe I missed something, but glad to know someone else felt as I did… let down. It’s a good story, there were good parts, but Quinn and Alaric deserved so much more! Thanks for the review (mine posts tomorrow).