Review: Going Under by Lauren Dane

 Going Under (Bound by Magick #3) by Lauren Dane Going Under is the third book in Lauren Dane’s Bound by Magick series.  Book two found The Others taking down the Magister and changing the world they live in.  The Others have been outed to humans and bad things are happening.  There is a major upheaval happening in the country, led by a group called PURITY, spewing hate and vitriol to all Others in their path.  The beauty of this book is that it also brings into play several of Ms. Dane’s other series.  The Cascadia Wolves and de La Vega Cats both play a large part in this one as there is a council of Others formed.

Molly Ryan is a witch that has felt the direct impact of being exposed.  She has lost her surrogate father and best friend to the Magister and now the partners where she works are telling her she must go.  As much as Molly protests, since it is the company she built, she is forced out of her job and needs something else to do.  When she sees Meriel Owen of Clan Owen on tv she realizes the witches, and possibly all Others, need a unified spokesperson.  She travels to Seattle and is hired by Clan Owen to be the face of the witches.

When she is there she is met with much resistance, from inside and outside forces.  Some witches of the clan feel that Molly will be too biased towards humans because she grew up among them.  While Molly can deal with the people in the clan she must have a bodyguard for those outside forces.

Gage Garrity is in charge with security for the clan and works with Molly to keep her safe.  Gage also lost people from the Magister and has a major complex about people not staying safe on his watch.  Gage and Molly are attracted to each other  but struggle with a relationship in the midst of all that is going with the rest of their people.

Molly is a fantastic heroine.  Part of her magick is charm, charisma or the ability to draw people in.  I have to say that some of her speeches to legislation or the public drew me in to.  I could almost believe that Molly’s magick was leaping off the page to me she was so well written.  I found her to be impassioned and strong.  Her situation in life was not a good one but she only broke down one time and that was when pushed to break down.

“I used to have a simple life.  I had a good job.  A firm I built with great clients.  I had a beautiful apartment with a beautiful view.  I wore nice clothes that no one ever threw flour on.  No one ever called me a whore or a demon.  I used to have lunch in quiet little places with linen tablecloths and servers who called me Ms. Ryan.  I used to have lots of things I don’t have now.  It sucks.  I’ll get over it.”

In contrast, Gage’s personality was almost a little overshadowed by Molly.  I liked her so much that I spent most of the book focusing on her.  Gage had some serious commitment issues that I wasn’t sure I understood and that could be because of how awesome and level-headed Molly came off.  It was sort of like a role reversal in that Molly was the rational one and Gage was panicky about everything.

This had to be the least sexy Lauren Dane book that I have read (although Gage had nipple rings, big win!) but that didn’t make a bit of difference.  The plot and suspense far overshadowed most other things that went on.  As the book progresses we see The Others pushed further and further to the brink of breaking and letting loose on the humans.  Too many things are happening for them to just sit back and not act.  Molly is very persuasive but eventually even she reached the point of no return.  I have to say that I was totally in favor of The Others just breaking bad on the humans.  The humans were not playing fair and I think it would have been total justified.

The book ends on a crazy ultimatum by The Others that had me biting my finger nails.  I will be very anxious for the last book in this installment.  My one minor complaint would be end.  I kind of wanted a more drawn out ending for Molly and Gage.  The story arc ended at the perfect time to leave me gasping for me however I didn’t get enough of our main couple.  I am pretty sure they will play a part in the next book and that will likely appease me.  Overall I think this might have been one of my favorite reads be Ms. Dane.  Final grade- B+

Favorite Quote:

“Also, PURITY has, oh, I don’t know, offended my something.  In a big way.  I’m so angry at the I’m not articulate.  That horrible, evil bitch is going down.  Satanic rituals?  Oh, my god, fuck them sideways!”

He laughed then.  “You’re going to make me get into an accident with the stuff you say.”

“Before I continue, I believe your next line is, “But you’re right and I’m sorry for being such a jerky dookie head.”

“Dookie head?  You just said fuck them sideways and I get dookie head?”

Rating: B+
Going Under by Lauren Dane
February 5th 2013 by Berkley Sensation
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