Review + Giveaway: Mine Until Morning by Samantha Hunter

Mine Until MorningMine Until Morning takes place over the course of twenty-four hours during a blackout in Philadelphia.  Jonas Berringer, a security specialist grants a favor to Senator James Rose and agrees to look after his daughter, Tessa Rose. The senator does not give a specific reason he wants Jonas to protect Tessa but Jonas sees the assignment as a way to make amends and smooth things over after a previously botched assignment involving the senator’s daughter in which he was injured and lost his eyesight. Jonas and Tessa had become involved in a romantic relationship and during the time they spent together and Jonas feels he let his professionalism slip and he failed to adequately do his job. He also feels betrayed by Tessa after he believes she disclosed information about their relationship that could have affected his job and reputation.

Tessa is very independent and feels that her father is over-protective and meddles in her personal life. In her younger days she was rebellious toward him and although she still doesn’t care for her father’s involvement in her life she has matured and settled down. After the attack, with the relationship seemingly over, she may still have feelings for Jonas. So when he calls saying he is need of help she goes to him, not realizing that Jonas is using her attraction to him to get close to her to protect her at her father’s request.

Whew! This is a difficult book to summarize and I really did not do it justice. There are several twists and turns and a few surprises in Mine Until Morning and in not wanting to give too much away I feel my summary is a bit lacking. I had many moments where I wondered why and what, but in the end I had all my questions answered and my confusion set straight. I’m sure others will do a better job at summarizing this story than I did but I hope you get the general idea.

Jonas is part owner in the security company that has been hired to protect Tessa. He owns the company with his brothers and I mention this because there is small secondary romance involving one of the brothers that I will get to in a minute.  Jonas is an interesting type of alpha male hero. He’s protective and strong and the kind of man that makes people feel safe around him. But I think because of his blindness he takes on a softer edge. He is forced to rely on Tessa in some situations giving him a bit of vulnerability. But there is never a time when I felt sorry for him, he is still every bit the strong hero even without his sight.

Tessa owns a specialty soap shop and would like to live an average life and avoid the notoriety of being a Senator’s daughter. Unfortunately that is not always possible and the need for personal protection comes with the territory. She still has very strong feelings for Jonas and is confused by his cold behavior toward her. She thinks there might still be a chance for them and she is willing to put herself out there for a second chance with Jonas.

This is a Harlequin Blaze and so one would expect a hot romance and some very steamy sex scenes. Mine Until Morning certainly delivers in that department with Jonas and Tessa engaging in some risky business in public places.  Although they have some serious relationship problems and even bigger trust issues they can’t seem to fight the physical attraction and they engage in a little sexual healing out and about town in the dark of the night.

I really liked the romantic chemistry between Tessa and Jonas but I did feel a little on edge knowing that Jonas felt betrayed by Tessa and in turn he was also betraying her. While they worked out their relationship and feelings for one another there was always that underlying tension and I knew of course that it would all blow up any minute. It all comes together in the and all the loose ends are tied up for Jonas and Tessa but the tension is quite thick at times.

The only thing that put a downer on this story for me was the secondary sex. I say sex and not relationship because there really was no relationship. One of Jonas’ brothers has a brief sexual  encounter with a past lover.  It felt tawdry and out-of-place in this story and I didn’t care for the outcome. It involves a scenario that never works for me in contemporary romance so not only did the sex scene feel gratuitous and out-of-place, the encounter left me feeling uncomfortable and wishing it would not have been included at all. I assume the Berringer brothers will all have romances of their own coming up and this scene was inserted as way to set up his story but it really didn’t work for me. Luckily this is only a brief scene but since it happens late in the story my feelings about it lingered.

Mine Until Morning is a fast paced read, with a super steamy romance that delivers a very nice happily ever after. The secondary romance didn’t work for me, but I very much enjoyed the romance between Tessa and Jonas and was pleased to come upon a few unexpected twists and turns in the story. If you like a sexy alpha hero minus the arrogance then you’ll want become acquainted with Jonas Berringer.

Mine Until Morning by Samantha Hunter
May 24th 2011 by Harlequin
Contemporary Romance
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Samantha Hunter has generously offered to do a fun giveaway. Since her heroine Tessa is the owner of a specialty soap shop she is giving away a gift basket loaded with some fun things you might find in Tessa’s store as well as a signed copy of Mine Until Morning.

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  1. StacieDM says

    A hot read, bath products AND chocolate covered chips? Someone has been reading my mind. That gift basket has my name written all over it. Thank you for the great giveaway. Mine Until Morning sounds like a great, complicated story.

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  2. says

    Hi everyone! Thanks for the review — there was a lot going on in this book, and glad it all came together for you in the end. :)

    Wanted to mention, yes, there will be three more Berringer Bodyguard books out at the end of 2012, Ely, Garrett and Chance’s stories, and they will be all holiday-themed stories as well :)

    I’ll be back later, but have to take time off for writing today — thanks to everyone stopping by,


  3. ChrisS says

    Wow! It sounds like there is a lot going on in this book. It sounds like an exciting good read. I’d love to win Mine Until Morning. Count me in and thanks for the giveaway.


  4. Sherry S. says

    It’s been a while since I’ve read any books in the Blaze line and this book makes me think that I’ve been missing some very good books.

  5. Tanya Maxemow says

    Sounds like a great read. The giveaway looks awesome. Please enter me. Thanks!!!

  6. CrystalGB says

    Sounds wonderful. Love Samantha’s books. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.


  7. Fedora says

    Great review, Samantha! Can’t wait to pick this one up, and SO happy to hear that there will be more connected stories coming! YAY!

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  8. Jane says

    I like the premise and there seems to be a few blackout stories out right now. Thanks for entering me in this giveaway.

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  9. says

    Jane, just to address that point, this is part of a 3 book miniseries (24 Hour: Blackout) — so Tawny Weber had the first book in May, mine is in June, and Heather MacAlister’s is out in July — all different stories, but share the same blackout even, all happening within a 24 hour framwork. :)


  10. June M. says

    The book sounds great. And such a cute giveaway set. Thank you so much for the opportunity and best of luck with the release.

    GFC follower: June M.
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  11. EllenToo says

    This review would get me to buy the book even though I’d buy it anyway because I enjoy Sam’s books even though I don’t read too many Blaze’s.

  12. Sarah P. says

    Awesome goodies giveaway and a great read. Does it get any better, please count me in. Betcha can’t eat just one Chocolate Covered Potato Chip!! ;o}

  13. Chelsea B. says

    Thank you for the informative review! Oh, and the awesomesauce givaway 😉

  14. Cathy M says

    Great goodie basket and such a fun way to try out a new author.

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    This basket has all the fixin’s for a perfect evening. Christmas is going to be early if I’m lucky enough to win this.

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  16. Meggerfly says

    Great review even if you’re not totally satisfied with it. The giveaway is great. I’m always up for a hot read!

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  17. Chris Bails says

    The book looks great and would love to read it. The prize looks great. a good read and a nice bath, what mom could ask for more. Thanks for the giveaway and would love to win.

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    I would like to be entered to win this wonderful giveaway. The book sounds wonderful, and everything looks great. Thanks for having this giveaway.


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    Thanks for letting us know about all of the twists and turns that are in the book. I’m going to be looking out for them.

    I’m entering the giveaway

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    Encounters in public places? Sounds risky! Please enter me!

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    What a wonderful review and giveaway. I have been reading Blaze for years and have never been disappointed. Please enter me for the contest. Thank you