Review: Give In To Me by Lacey Alexander

Give In To Me by Lacey AlexanderAt the request of a former client April Pediston stops by a local bar having no idea this encounter will change her life. This responsible, hard-working lawyer helps out her community by taking pro bono cases in addition to her regular case load. Her life is all about responsibility, she’s been taking care of her two younger sisters since their parent’s death, and now also helps out her Gram with shopping and doctor visits. This woman simply can’t tell anyone the word no. When her former client asks her to represent her in a divorce case against her loser husband April agrees, not realizing she’s about to meet the man who will change her life.

Rogan Wolfe is a cop new to Miami, he left his small town in Michigan after a love affair gone bad and decided to head out to the big city in pursuit of something different. He decides to help out a friend by working undercover in his bar hoping to catch drugs being sold out of the back room.  What he finds is a buttoned up, red-headed lawyer right in the middle of a husband and wife confrontation that evolves into a bar brawl. After rescuing her they have an intense encounter up against the  back alley wall. April is shaken with her make out session with this bad boy, he likes to be in control and she’s discovered she likes being the subservient girl who has to be forced into a seduction. After their initial encounter April runs off afraid of what she feels and worried that she’s not the person she always thought she was.

I went into Give in to Me expecting a nice, fast, dirty, little story about a hot cop and lawyer. I didn’t expect to be turned off by this story almost from the start. This is about a woman who discovers she likes to be dominated in the bedroom. Now this wouldn’t normally bother me, I’ve read my fair share of bdsm books and some of them have been pretty hardcore, but there was always a sense of the dominant actually caring about their partner and wanting them to fulfill that part inside them that urges them to give up control. The relationship between April and Rogan didn’t have that feel to me at all. Rogan was a first class dickhead. Almost from the moment he meets her he treats her like a piece of meat. She says no and he just has this sense of “knowing” that what she really means is yes.  The first time they have sex they are still practically strangers and they do it WITHOUT A CONDOM, and then never even attempt to have safe sex ever again. He ties her up, he makes her disrobe and play with herself on a PLAYGROUND, he sticks his night stick up her hoo ha, he makes her give him a blow job on a public beach, all the while calling her his good girl and some annoying nickname he has called her from the start, but he doesn’t do any of these things to help her come out of her shell or because he likes her. No, he does these things simply because she makes his pants tent and he likes to be in control. Rogan made me want to gag. For the first third of the book he couldn’t even remember her last name. Really? What a douche.

Then there’s April. She is supposed to be this uptight, in control, responsible lawyer, but she comes across as a wishy-washy pushover. She basically lets every single person in her life run all over her. When she discovers that she likes to be dominated in the bedroom she comes to the conclusion that since she is so in control in her everyday life that letting Rogan dominate her helps her be free. I didn’t find their first several sex scenes together sexy at all. She fights him, she tells him no, and he just holds her down and tells her he knows she wants it. For some reason she keeps coming back to him, every time she does they go further and further, expanding her sexual experiences with every visit. Eventually she comes to accept this relationship and tries to get to know Rogan. She opens up to him about her life and the pressures she feels trying to spread herself between all her responsibilities. When she asks Rogan questions about his past he basically tells her it’s none of her business and he doesn’t want to talk about it. So they don’t. There is no romance with this couple, there is forced sex that turns into a controlling sexual relationship that abruptly ends with what is supposed to be a HEA. Not a believable HEA, because I never felt this couple connected on any level other than with their private parts.

This is the third book in the HOT COPS series and I picked this one up without having read either of it’s predecessors. After reading this one I’m not sure I ever will. If you’re looking for a story filled with meaningless sex with no connection between the characters this might be for you. It just didn’t work for me. Final Grade: D

Rating: D
Give In To Me by Lacey Alexander
Published December 31st 2012
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  1. Amy says

    “he sticks his night stick up her hoo ha”-And that’s suppose to be sexy?

    Naaa, I’ll pass. Unfortunately the only book I enjoyed in this series was the first one. Great review Angela. I will not be wasting my money on this one.

    • Angela says

      I’ve been thinking for an hour and still can’t come up with another author to compare. Let me think about it.

      • Amy says

        I really can’t come up with one either. And it amazes me that the first book was really good then the second one was really bad. And now this one. It felt like a different author writing the second book to me. That has happened several times to me lately. Maybe some authors have phantom writers that take over when we least expect it, lol.

          • says

            The reason I asked is I’ve seen both really positive reviews and negative reviews on books by this author. I was thinking if I had a comparison, it would help to decide if I want to put this on the TBR.