Review: Getting Hotter by Elle Kennedy

Getting Hotter by Elle KennedySeth Masterson enjoys being single and likes to have no strings attached sex. Being a super-sexy, bad boy type AND a Navy SEAL, he has no trouble at all attracting plenty of beautiful women. But one woman in particular has had his attention for a very long time. Miranda Breslin is a former showgirl who was a student of Seth’s mother. Now that Miranda has moved to San Diego where Seth lives, Seth thinks it the perfect time to act on what he is sure is mutual lust.

Miranda is a single mom of twins and working two jobs. She’s trying to get her dance studio up and running as well as working nights in a local club as a bartender. She has no time for romantic entanglements, no matter how much she’s attracted to Seth. Although she’s very attracted to the bad boy type, she knows no good can come of a relationship with a man like that. But Seth is persistent and offers a no strings attached fling that is hard to resist.

I really enjoyed this romance and I liked both the hero and the heroine. I think some readers might be turned off by Seth’s dislike of children and the way he seems to dismiss this part of Miranda’s life in the beginning. But for me, it gave the story a more realistic tone. Seth is fairly single-minded at first, with his interest strictly directed at Miranda. Yes, he knows she has children but he is very uncomfortable around kids and has no interest in them whatsoever. He is not interested in a lasting relationship and that is made very clear so I appreciated his distance from the children in the beginning. As the relationship begins to grow, there are some stumbling blocks and Seth’s feelings about children becomes more clear. He doesn’t always handle the fact that Miranda has children well, but this romance is a journey for him.

Miranda has good reason to avoid the bad boy type.  Her relationship with her children’s (bad boy) father was a disaster and she’s committed to never getting involved with someone like that again. However, against her better judgement she begins a fling with Seth and even as she begins to hope for more, she’s not distracted from her focus on her children and career. I liked that although Miranda allows Seth into her life, she doesn’t allow him to take it over.

You can always count on Elle Kennedy to bring the sexy times. There are plenty of steamy scenes and the romantic build up starts early on and just keeps on building. That break room couch at the club has seen a lot of action. :)

If you follow the series, you’ll recall Dylan, Seth’s roommate.

Show Spoiler »

He’s the guy that gave Cash the unforgettable straight-boy blow job in Feeling Hot


We get an idea of where things might be going in his romantic future and I have to say I’m pretty excited about it. I won’t say more, but I will be eagerly awaiting the next book in the Out of Uniform series hoping for a Dylan story because I must know what will happen with him. *squee*

There is an emotional scene near the end of the story involving Seth and his mother. This brings everything together for Seth and it shakes him up. He reacts, things go a little crazy but I really liked the way the story ended. Seth, Miranda and the kids are off to a good start together but it’s not all tied in a bow.

This was a super hot romance. While I think some readers may not love Seth, I enjoyed his journey and I think he and Miranda (and the kids) are a very good match.


Favorite Quote: (I was going to pick one of the sexy quotes I marked but I liked Sophie, Miranda’s daughter and how she was such a challenge for “Sef”.)

“Sophie, I’m a United States Navy SEAL. Know what that means?”

She shifted uneasily, then shook her head.

“It means I can do whatever I set my mind on, and if you think I can’t give your dolls some awesome hairstyles, then I’m ready to prove you wrong.”

Rating: B
Getting Hotter by Elle Kennedy
November 20th 2012 by Samhain Publishing
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  1. Mandi says

    I really enjoyed this one too. I think Seth’s transformation with her kids is done really well..and felt realistic.

    And the Dylan side story was soooooo good :) Love this series.