Review: Full Moon by Mari Carr

 Full Moon (Second Chances #2) by Mari CarrJosie Jacobson is ready to break out of her mundane life and have a few adventures. The divorced, single mother has realized that her life is nothing but boring responsibility and routines. She’s been busy raising her son and getting over the end of her marriage to her high school sweetheart.  New Year’s is a time for resolutions and with the help of her best girlfriends she’s come up with a “Howl List’, every full moon she’s going to broaden her sexual horizons and mark a fantasy off her list. First up: Sex with a Stranger.

January’s full moon leads her to the appropriately named Blue Moon bar and one sexy, tattooed bartender named Jake. Jake is up for a no names, no strings good time and takes Josie home. Josie and Jake set the page on fire from their very first encounter. She’s been celibate for two years and her only other partner was her ex-husband so she doesn’t know what to expect, but Jake gives her everything she knew she was missing. When they part at the end of the night, it’s with no exchanging of phone numbers or expectations that they will ever see each other again. But Josie can’t seem to get her first full moon off her mind which leads her right back to Blue Moon in February. Next on the list: Sex in Public.

Jake’s been thinking about Josie for the last month and can’t believe it when she finally walks back through the doors of his bar. He’s not going to let a chance like this pass him by. He wants to be the only man that she sees on her full moon nights and he’s willing to play dirty to get them. This couple sets out on a sexual exploration, but along the way they find a compatibility and easiness around each other that is charming.

I liked Josie and Jake as a couple. She’s tough, sensible, but also has some issues with trust and letting someone new into the protective shell she’s created around her son after the divorce. I could completely understand her need to protect him and liked the fact that she was a little wary of bringing a new man around. Jake and Josie have a lot of sex… lots and lots, in many varied ways. They blaze through Josie’s list and each month gets hotter than the last. So much sex that it could have taken over the storyline and overshadowed the romance, but that never happened.  Each love scene is a nice mixture of sweet and sexy, emotion and playfulness. Jake is just what this single mother needs, he’s understanding to her needs, both sexual and emotional, he’s steady, understanding and open. In a contemporary romance world of asshole alpha heroes, Jake is alpha, but he’s nice.

Full Moon is the second book in the Second Chances series, but can be read as a standalone. Josie’s girlfriends are there for support and while Ms. Carr gives hints that their stories are playing out alongside Josie’s, they stay nicely in the background. I expected this to be a sexy read, and was a little surprised at how lovely this couple’s romance turned out. Now I’m curious to learn more about the other ladies of this close-knit group and discover if their New Year’s resolutions play out as well as Josie’s.  Final Grade: B-

Favorite Quote:

“What’s the next fantasy?” He’d continue to press for the answer until she told him.


He blew out a long, impressed whistle. “Oh, hell yeah. That one is definitely mine.”

She laughed. “You know, this isn’t like calling dibs or shotgun. Just because you say it’s yours doesn’t mean I’m going to give it to you.”

Rating: B-
Full Moon by Mari Carr
June 11th 2013 by Samhain
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