Review: Friendly Fire by Megan Hart

Friendly FireUndercover DEA agent Kendall Frasier and some of her colleagues have been sent to a tropical island for some mandatory rest and relaxation after a bust went bad and her partner was killed. She’s dealing with a wide range of emotions that become even more complicated by the presence Zane Vincent, the agent that accidentally killed her partner. To further complicate things they find themselves undeniably attracted to each other.

At only 53 pages Friendly Fire packs a hefty emotional punch. Both Zane and Kendall have feelings of guilt, anger and blame over the death of their fellow DEA agent. Both deal take a slightly path in how they deal it with it, but at the heart of the story they are drawn together by a mutual tragedy and eventually find comfort and love with each other.

I liked that although there was tension between Zane and Kendall they were able to work through their emotional conflicts without over the top drama. They are both very likeable characters and although they had both had been through a potentially life changing experience they seemed solid and emotionally grounded.

The emotional tension combined with the sexual chemistry between Kendal and Zane created white-hot sparks early on. Although they were brought together by awkward circumstances the romance and physical relationship developed naturally and never seemed rushed as one might expect in a story of this length.

Friendly Fire is a steamy romance laced with emotional conflict.  I enjoyed my time with Zane and Kendall and although I was very satisfied with the story, I would not have complained if it was a bit longer.

Friendly Fire by Megan Hart
March 21st 2011 by Carina Press
Contemporary Erotic Romance
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    This story is right up my alley, putting it on my wishlist. Loved reading your review, do not love you for making my wishlist even longer lol.