Review: Forever and a Day by Jill Shalvis

Forever and a Day Jill ShalvisI am going to attempt to write this review without going all fangirl on everyone.  Lately, Ms. Shalvis can do no wrong in my eyes.  I have been on a total binge of her books.  While they are all good, nothing is quite like her Lucky Harbor series.

Forever and a Day is the sixth book in the Lucky Harbor series and the follows the story of Dr. Josh Scott and Grace.  As we have seen in the previous two books Josh is overworked and stretched thin.  He has a young son, a paralyzed sister, his dad’s old medical practice, a job in the ER and a menace of a dog named Tank, all depending on him.  All of these things were pretty much handed to him at the same time when his parents were killed in a car accident.  He has no time for his family or friends and even less time for himself.

Grace left her old banking job when her boss expected her to do more than balance the books.   She drove until she ran out of gas and somehow ended up finding a place in Lucky Harbor.  She tells herself it is temporary while she is interviewing for other banking jobs but the town  is slowing sucking her in.  In order to stretch her money she has been taking little side jobs so when her phone rings and Josh is on the other end asking for a dog walker she doesn’t hesitate to snap up the job.

Grace’s first time walking Tank the terror is pretty funny.  He escapes before she can leash him and runs off into the water.  Grace is panicked, thinking she just let the dog drown, when Josh comes home.  The whole scene had me lol at how upset Grace is about losing the dog and how much Josh really wishes she had lost the dog.  Even though Josh tells Grace to not come back the next day he gets desperate and has to call her back.  Even more desperate he needs her to watch his son and not just on a part time basis.  Josh talks Grace into moving into his guesthouse and becoming the nanny.  What just starts out as “fun” for both of them quickly develops into something more.

Lucky Harbor books are all about the characters.  I love that they are no extra plots, no suspense and no big mix ups.  They are simply the very fun and entertaining story of boy meets girl and how they fell in love.  Forever and a Day turned into my favorite book of the series.  There was something about Josh and Grace that just pulled at me.  Josh is a man trying to do it all for everyone and falling a little short and Grace is a woman trying to live up to lofty expectations while finding her own way in life.  They find each other in the craziness of their lives and they end up holding tight.

I am super sad that I now have to wait a while for the next Lucky Harbor book.  These books have quickly turned into my favorite contemporary romance series.  Maybe I will have to go reread the first three just because.  Final grade- A

Favorite Quotes:

Ty pointed his beer at Josh. “Want to know what I think?”

“No,” Josh said.

“I think you have a case of being a little girl. Maybe you should prescribe yourself a heavy dose of man-the-fuck-up.”


“Did either of you know there’s ninety-nine ways to give a blow job? That’s ninety-nine nights of blow jobs.

“Look at you with the math skills,” Josh said.

Rating: A
Forever and a Day by Jill Shalvis
July 31st 2012 by Grand Central
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