Review: Forbidden Embers by Tessa Adams

Forbidden Embers
After the dark, gritty events in the last book, Hidden Embers, I wasn’t quite sure where this book would take us. I was very surprised to find that it was considerably lighter in tone and that the focus had moved away from the Dragonstar clan. I was pleased by the chance to get a more well-rounded view of the world there, but I was shocked by what I found.

I’m not sure if this is the end of the series, but it does wrap up the arc about the deadly virus crippling the Dragonstars. The Wyvernmoons and their actions against the Dragonstars had them cast as the evil douches of the dragon world, so I was surprised to see a different side of them when Logan infiltrated their clan. The biggest surprise turned out to be Cecily, the last member of the royal house now that her father and brother were dead.

The Wyvernmoon ruling system put her in the position of being a princess with no real power. Females couldn’t lead, so the clan was at loose ends without her father and brother. She wanted to help her people and tried to step forward and assume control, but her past role in the clan came around and bit her, making it hard for anyone to take her seriously. Always before she had been relegated to the sidelines and left to do nothing other than look pretty, and she let it happen. Her virginity (rare for a dragon her age) and her hand in marriage were used as a bargaining chip in her father’s maneuvering. Basically, she was treated like meat and had no value to them beyond that.

A stressed Cecily stumbles upon Logan outside the Wyvernmoon boundaries and ends up falling into an attraction with him. It develops quickly, but that’s no surprise due to Logan’s plot and Cecily’s inexperience with men. They meet again and again and soon Cecily finds herself trusting Logan and confiding her problems. He eventually gains access to her home but is conflicted over divided loyalties. He can’t betray his people, but he can’t help slowly falling for Cecily.

Emphasis on politics in a society either works really well or it tends to irritate me. This one gave me that depressed, hopeless feeling. I hate when a character is stuck as a figurehead and is treated like crap by her people. It just makes me want her to give them the finger and leave them to their fates. I eventually saw the people she was determined to stand up for and why it was so important to her, but those guys at the top of the ladder on the council cast long shadows that made it hard for me to have patience. I just wanted her leave them instead of acceding to their wishes.

I liked that Logan struggled with the way he was betraying Cecily. He grew to care for her and had a hard time reconciling his feelings with the mission he was completing for his people. He never gave up his plot, which made me respect him more, but he knew there was going to be hell to pay when she found out—which there was. I was very thankful that the heroine didn’t irritate me by brushing off his actions. For her part, Cecily was sweet and nice, but she was crippled by her naivety. After stepping forward as leader she was disillusioned again and again and was forced to gain confidence in herself and stand on her own. I enjoyed watching her mature and grow stronger.

Like in the last book, there were still a lot of sex scenes that I felt could have been trimmed down, but this time around I knew it was an Erotic Romance, so I was expecting that. The author still managed to devote enough time to the plot to reveal the truth of the virus plot and to let both Cecily and Logan complete their goals. I would have liked a little more relationship development and time getting to know each other, but what we did have of it was fun. Although Cecily could occasionally irritate me with her trusting manner, both the hero and heroine were genuinely likable characters. I struggled with that in the last book, so discovering that was a relief.

I still need to backtrack and try out the first book, but what I’ve seen of this series so far has entertained me. I think I’ll be keeping an eye out to see what this author has coming next.

Favorite Quote:

“Chill out, Logan. I was joking. God, you’re easy.”

“That’s what I‘ve been trying to tell you. I’m incredibly easy.” He paused. “Speaking of which, are you going to take advantage of my easiness anytime soon?”

“I already tried that. You ran away like a scared little girl.”

Rating: B
Forbidden Embers by Tessa Adams
October 4th 2011 by NAL
Paranormal Erotic Romance
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    I’m glad you enjoyed this one. It seems like most of the ER’s I read focus mainly on relationships and are lighter on world building etc. This series sound intriguing.