Review: Fish and Ghosts by Rhys Ford

So far in the last  year I’ve read four Rhys Ford books… two romantic suspense, one urban fantasy and one paranormal romance. Each one was very different from the last, but all were either A or B reads for me. I really like this author’s voice. When I found out she was putting out a ghost story I was freaking ecstatic. No joke. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book. What in the world could be better than two hot men falling in love amid creepy, weird, otherworldly, unexplained happenings in a big, old house? What I ask?

Fish and Ghosts by Rhys FordWolf Kincaid is a ghost hunter. Or rather he’s a skeptic who grew up in a magical family who now makes his living debunking people’s claims of anything supernatural. So when he’s hired by an older woman to prove that her nephew and his stories of ghosts in the family mansion are fake he heads out straight away to Hoxne Grange and meets the strange, attractive estate owner Tristan Pryce. He is expecting a simple hoax, not to be thrown in the middle of a crazy haunting by a dead serial killer.

Tristan was left the Grange by his Uncle Mortimer and has carried on the tradition of seeing ghosts to their final resting place as they travel through his home to finally find their way to the other side. Tristan has never been “normal” in his family’s eyes. He’s always been a bit different, but after being shipped to his uncle as a child he finds the place where he belongs. The Grange isn’t just his home, but where he feels the safest and where he feels a sense of responsibility to his deceased guests.

When Wolf Kincaid and his team show up Tristan does the only thing he can, he lets them stay, with the hope that they will be gone as soon as possible. These two men clash at first, arguing and sniping at each other, but soon realize there is an attraction between them as well. Wolf can’t understand why his equipment keeps malfunctioning and strange things keep happening. I mean come on, this is all a hoax. Right? Tristan can’t understand why the Hellsinger team can’t just leave him and his ghosts alone. When the members of Wolf’s team unknowingly unleashes a terrible evil on the estate the shit hits the fan and Wolf and Tristan must join together to save the day.

Oh, man. This book was so good. There is just so much to love about Fish & Ghosts. The characters are outstanding, not just Wolf and Tristan, but even the secondary characters kept and held my full attention. Matt and Gidget are a nice comedic relief when things get creepy. I mean how can you not love a girl who says things like this right in the middle of a séance gone wrong?

Handing the younger woman a box, Wolf yelled, “Get as much on her as you can. Like you’re spreading chicken feed.

“I have never fed a chicken in my fucking life!” Gidget screamed back. “Chicken comes on Styrofoam trays or in little white globes.”

I loved Gidget so much. Between her and Tristan’s housekeeper Mara I was smiling almost the entire time.

The romance between the two main characters is sweet, yet sexy and with just the right amount of dirty. While Wolf acknowledges to himself his attraction to the other man rather swiftly, Tristan is inexperienced and can’t decide if Wolf is even interested in him at first.

“I think it’s bat for my team. I’m not even sure if “pitching my cricket” is a thing.” He had to think about it, then decided he was right. “I don’t feel the gay. Shit, I barely can tell I’m gay. How the hell am I supposed to figure out if someone else is? There should be a handshake or something. Worst fucking club ever.”

When the creepy happenings quickly turn to scary and the Grange and everyone in it is threatened Wolf and Tristan figure out real quick that they’ve got to work together to overcome it. Their relationship progresses rather quickly from the first love scene, but for me this worked for this couple. There was just something about these men and how they fit together that just seemed to work. Maybe it was their backgrounds, maybe it was that Rhys Ford did a wonderful job showing their chemistry or it might have been that there just seemed to be needs that each had that the other fulfilled. All I know is that Wolf and Tristan made a wonderful couple.

While there was a dark, ominous feel to this story, because hey, it’s a ghost story,  it also had a lightheartedness that made it an easy read. I think I’ve heard that this is to be a series and that makes me a very happy girl. Final Grade- B+

Favorite Quote:

“I am going to say it again.” Wolf laved at one of Tristan’s plum-hued nipples. “You, Tristan Pryce, are so fucking beautiful it almost hurts my eyes to look at you. And God help me, I am never going to stop telling you that. Whenever I can. Maybe even after you finally believe me.”

Rating: B+
Fish and Ghosts by Rhys Ford
December 30th 2013 by Dreamspinner Press
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    I still have the UF on my TBR and I’m looking forward to reading it.

    Ghost story? I don’t know. Will I need to hide behind the couch when reading it? I’m a big chicken lol.