Review: Feeling Hot by Elle Kennedy

Feeling Hot Elle KennedyFeeling Hot is the 7th book in the Out of Uniform series by Elle Kennedy. I’m familiar with this author’s books, I’ve read a couple of her titles and a couple of others have been reviewed here at Fiction Vixen. A friend emailed me recently with a lot of words but three words jumped off the screen. Straight.Boy.BJ. Nothing else on the page made any sense. Everything else became unimportant. Must.Read.Book.

This book and I got off to a rough start. Cash, a Navy SEAL and Jen, who can’t keep a job, are forced to live together so that Cash can protect Jen from her stalker ex-boyfriend. Her brother is Cash’s Lieutenant and he all but orders Cash to let Jen move in with him for three weeks until the stalker moves away. He implies he won’t give Cash a recommendation when he applies to officers candidate school if his sister is not properly cared for. And properly cared for means no putting the moves on Jen.

Right off my eyes were rolling. I thought the circumstances under which Jen and Cash come to spend a great deal of time together was silly and felt forced. First, if the Lieutenant is very protective of his sister and feels she can’t make her own choices about who she sleeps with, why would he insist she move in with his teammate who is known for having lots of wild, non-committal sex and engaging in threesomes? And, to use his position of authority to threaten Cash’s career was pretty low.

I’m not too proud to admit, it was the promise of a straight boy BJ that kept me going. :) And it was epic.

Cash and his buddy Dylan have engaged in many threesomes. They are both straight, so it’s always been about the girl they’re with. Cash is already extremely attracted to Jen, their chemistry is off the charts. One night when Dylan comes over to watch football, things heat up between the three of them and Jen reveals her fantasy of watching two men together. Dylan decides to make this happen…for Jen of course. :) What follows is one of the hottest m/m/f ménage scenes I’ve ever read. I think I liked it so much because it was impromptu, and felt natural. They didn’t spend a great deal of time building up to the m/m part of the ménage, there was no complicated feelings or emotional conflict for the men. It’s something that happened in the heat of the moment and it worked. Afterward, there is a little awkwardness from Cash because he’s concerned it might affect his friendship with Dylan. But the questions are quickly and appropriately put to rest and the angst factor is low to none so that we can get on with the business of Jen and Cash falling in love.

The relationship is meant to be only a temporary fling. Jen and Cash want to act on their sizzling chemistry and take advantage of their circumstances and they agree their fling will only last the three weeks Jen will be living with Cash. In the course of the three weeks they become friends as well as lovers and their relationship progresses naturally. However, growing up in a military family, Jen knows how difficult being involved with a man in the military can be. She never intended to fall in love with a man who was in the military. Cash has been threatened by Jen’s brother about becoming involved with Jen. Once he realizes he’s falling for her, he worries about being away for long periods of time and not being able to give her the kind of relationship she deserves. I really like how the relationship conflicts were resolved. The angst level was just right, no over dramatizing and it was so fun as Cash and Jen fell in love and eventually committed to each other. (And had lots of steamy smex!) The scene where Cash tells Jen’s brother, his superior officer, he’s in love with Jen is one of my favorites:

“And listen, about you and my sister…”

He winced. “I’m sorry about that, LT. It was a total violation of guy code, I know that, but it just happened. I didn’t plan on getting involved with her, and if you want to punch me in the face a few more times, I promise I won’t even put up a fight. But…” A heavy breath slipped out. “But if you ask me to end it, I’ll respectfully refuse.”

Carson tipped his head to the side. “You really do care about her, don’t you?”

He nodded. Then he shook his head. “No. I more than care about her. I’m in love with her.”

Carson’s eyebrows shot up. “For real?”


The secondary characters are Navy SEALS and their wives/girlfriends. The men are super-alpha and the women are self-assured, sexually open and they are a fun group of people. There are of course a few single guys to liven things up even more, but at this point in the series, there are a lot of committed couples. This is the first book I’ve read in this series and I had no trouble at all starting here. This book read well as a stand alone, however, after I was finished reading, I immediately grabbed the first book in the series, Heat of the Moment. It’s actually a short novella; Garret and Shelby’s first hookup and the start of their relationship. I read it last night and I’ll be reading the second installment, Heat of Passion today. It’s Holly and Carson’s story, Carson is Jen’s brother. I felt like I got to know some of the secondary characters well and I’m eager to go back and read their love stories.

I’ve become an impatient reader in the last year or so. If a book doesn’t grab me right away or frustrates me in some way I’m far more likely to put it down and move on than I used to be. This book has me reconsidering since I would have missed out on a really good book if I had stopped reading at the set-up. Feeling Hot turned out to be such a fun, sexy read and I will be reading devouring the rest of the books in the series ASAP.

Favorite Quote:

“Three words,” she croaked, her entire body throbbing with lingering pleasure. “Best. Ménage. Ever.”

Rating: B
Feeling Hot by Elle Kennedy
August 21st 2012 by Samhain Publishing
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  1. Mandi says

    I need more straight dudes making out with each other. Make this happen for me, ‘k?

    Loving this whole series. Fun.

    • Tabs says

      I actually read an erotic Moira Rogers short yesterday, “Tequila Sunrise,” that had two straight werewolf boys making out as part of a menage. Ridiculously sexy.

  2. says

    Count me in as a perv too. I heard straight boy blowjob and immediately pre-ordered.

    I loved it. Cash was fun and there was plenty from his POV. The sex was hot hot hot and that scene with Dylan and Cash was… awesome.

    Seth’s book is out later this year I see.

  3. says

    Okkkk, you are evil. I started this book last night, mind you I had to go to work this morning- first day back from 3 month maternity leave, and stayed up till midnight finishing it.

    The straight boy BJ scene was so freaking hot that I might have giggled a time or two during it. And then fanned myself. But besides that piece of awesomeness the book was really goo. It was funny and had great characters!

    • says

      I’m sorry!! (I’m not) LOL

      The straight boy bj scene was one of the best I’ve read. Whenever you get sleepy today at work….remember the dirty talk during that scene. :) You’re welcome.


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