Review: Fate’s Edge by Ilona Andrews

Fate's EdgeWhen I pick up an Ilona Andrews book I start it knowing that I need to pay attention. Fate’s Edge, the third book in their Edge series, was no different. They immediately throw a lot of terms at you. You are introduced to the Edge, the Broken, the Weird, the Hand, the Mirror and so on. The first 100 pages of the book must be read slowly so you don’t miss any of the terms or what the Andrews are trying to show you to. Once you get past the initial info dump, as always, this team can write one heck of a story.

Audrey Callahan has finally moved her life to the straight and narrow. She left her thieving family far behind and has been offered a real, paying job in the Broken. Right after she decides to take the job her father shows back up in her life and asks her to complete one more job with him. Audrey agrees on the condition that once she completes the job her family will forget she ever existed. She does not want contact with them ever again. Because the job involves B&E and Audrey’s magical power is locks, her father agrees to her conditions. They do the job and life moves on for Audrey. Or so she thinks.

Kaldar Mar is a jack of all trades willing to do anything to avenge the death of his family. Family is very important where he comes from. He takes a job with the Mirror in order to strike back at the Hand, the group that killed part of his family. The job just so happens to be finding the artifact Audrey stole.

That synopsis, for the most part, takes you past the first 100 pages or so. From there we finally have the first meet and greet with Audrey and Kaldar. Once the two meet, I think I laughed just about every page. There are instant sparks between the two. Kaldar is so fun and easy-going and Audrey is pretty much the opposite. She takes life a little too seriously. Kaldar is perfect for her. Together they are hysterical.

The way she sat now, leaning forward frowning, biting her pink bottom lip, her shirt dipping to reveal a hint of her cleavage…..He wondered idly if he could get her to bend over a little farther….

“Just what are you staring at, exactly?”

Kaldar snapped back to reality. “You. You’ve been thinking hard for the last five minutes. It’s not good for you to strain your pretty little head like that. I’m waiting for the steam to shoot out of your ears to relieve the pressure on your brain.”

“Aha.” Audrey glanced at Jack and George. “What you have here is a man who was caught staring at my breasts, and now he is trying to cover it up with rudeness.”

Kaldar lost it and laughed.


Kaldar winked at her. “You enjoyed it. It made you feel alive. You were looking kind of green.”

You bastard. “Oh, so it was a lifesaving kiss.”

“Well, if you want to put it that way…..”

Arrogant jackass. “Do me a favor: next time you think my life needs saving, just let me die. I’d really prefer it.”

He laughed.

She shook her head. “I’m going to the front with the boys. Don’t follow me. You and your paramedic kisses need time to cool off.

Jack and George are two stowaways to the adventure. They are Rose’s brothers, Rose being the heroine in the first Edge book. Jack and George have run away from home because of some misinformation. They end of being very useful in the adventure. Each of them has a special talent that comes in handy on the case. They will obviously have their own stories in the future.

I have given you a lot of info on the players in the book and not much on the plot. The storyline is a typical Andrews plot. You are never quite sure how it will be pulled off but you are 100% sucked in the whole way. In the end, everything works out like it is supposed to and it works out in pretty funny ways. Not only is there the overall plot of trying to recover the item but the group has to perform several tasks along the way. Each task gets them a step closer to the item. And each task has with it its own sense of danger and intrigue. The tasks are loosely based upon the strengths and weaknesses of each character.

I am not sure why I have not picked up The Edge series by The Andrews. I adore the Kate Daniels books and now that I have found this series it will probably be the same. The Andrews can write a story that sucks you right in. Once I picked this book up, I didn’t even want to put it down to eat Thanksgiving dinner. 100% recommend this to all Ilona Andrews fans. Also this book read more as PNR than UF like Kate Daniels does. That might draw more of the romance lover in too. Either way, an excellent book. Final grade – A.

Favorite quote – where do I start??

“Audrey, I really need your help.” Kaldar smiled at her. Now there was a work of art. If she were just a girl and he were just a man, and they met at a party, that smile would’ve guaranteed him a date. The man was hot. There was no doubt. But right now, all it would get him was a solid punch in those even teeth.

Audrey laughed. “Aren’t you sweet? Tell me, do girls usually throw their panties at you when you do that?”

He grinned wider, and she glimpsed the funny evil spark in his eyes. “Do men throw money when you do your little Southern belle?”

Pot calling the kettle black. “Men enjoy my “sweet tea” Southern. Nobody here is enjoying that stupid grin on your ugly mug.”



The kids snickered.

Rating: A
Fate’s Edge by Ilona Andrews
 November 29th 2011 by Ace
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  1. says

    Loved this book. I didn’t even mind that h/h didn’t meet until almost pg 100 either. They have the best chemistry!

    And Jack and George are awesome in this one too – the first two books are super great as well :)

  2. Tori says

    Great review. I think this one was my favorite in the series. So much humor and action. Seeing so much of the boys was great.

    • says

      Thanks! I know anytime I pick up an Ilona Andrews book that I am in for some good quotes. It was hard to pick the best ones because they were all good!

  3. Denise Z says

    I love Ilona Andrews writing style and really enjoy Kate Daniels. I have not read the edge yet and it has definitely progressed to the wishlist:) Thanks for sharing about what sounds to me like a really good read.

    • says

      That is the same way I was. Love Kate Daniels but had never tried this series. I would recommend it and hope you like it as much as I did!


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