Review: Fatal Strike by Shannon McKenna

Fatal Strike by Shannon McKennaFatal Strike is book 10 in Shannon McKenna’s McClouds and Friends series.  Back around book 8, Blood and Fire, (or maybe a little earlier) we saw a paranormal twist added to the series.  It came in the form of evil scientist using drugs to brainwash their victims.  This theme progressed and in One Wrong Move we saw the bad guy merge with Miles and fry him.  He was left in a coma and with some very different psychic powers.

Miles was first introduced in book 2 of the series (from what I can remember), Standing in the Shadows.  He has always been the geeky sidekick, kind of cute but mostly dorky with a big nose being the overwhelming feature on his face.  When I found out he was going to be the hero in this book I was really intrigued as to how that was going to be pulled off.  I guess when he was “changed” in the previous book he became angsty enough to be the next hero.  He has had a steady girlfriend, Cindy, for most of the series so when I saw she wasn’t the heroine I wondered how that too was going to be resolved.

Along with some strange abilities, Miles has developed a new thing where he is having very erotic and real life dreams about Lara, the one woman he feels like he let down.  Lara is from One Wrong Move and was someone he failed to locate and now she is in the hands of the bad guy.  It doesn’t take long for both Lara and Miles to realize their dreams are real and they are communicating with each other.  From there they plot out how to rescue Lara and stop Greaves, who has been a thorn in the McCloud’s side for a while now.

One of the things I like best about Ms. McKenna’s books is how I can always count on a lot of secondary characters.  The original books are about the McCloud’s and they have always been my favorites of the series.  I was happy to see some of the old characters in this one too.  I think this one can be read as a stand alone however you will likely be lost when all of the old characters start appearing so my suggestion would be to start with the first book of the series and work your way to this one.

I think I went into this book with a thought in my head about how Miles would be.  He has always been a little geeky so to see him let his alpha flag fly took some getting used to.  Somewhere along the way he sure developed the ability to be a dirty, dirty boy in the bedroom.  The sex scenes between Lara and Miles are hot and not lacking in any way.  And that was part of the problem for me.  Lara has been held captive for months and tortured.  I was kind of surprised that she would be all about the sex as soon as she was rescued.  They had been meeting on the psychic plane for so long and they were quite familiar with each other but I because of the condition she was in I don’t think jumping right into sex was something that made sense.

Separately Lara is an interesting character.  I liked her.  She was very down to Earth and grounded considering what she had been through.  She was the kind of heroine that I enjoy.  The scenes in her mind where she figures out a way to communicate with Miles are very clever and fun to read.  I love what Ms. McKenna created with that part of the plot.

Fatal Strike is a meaty, action packed book.  At almost 400 pages you will get your money’s worth.  Ms. McKenna is genius at creating a truly heinous bad guy and we are not shorted here.  Greaves is a nasty bit.  Fatal Strike will not go down as my favorite book of the series but I am glad I read it.  Fans of the series will not want to miss it.  There is some set up for Sveti (Extreme Danger) and Sam to possibly be one of the next books and that has me pretty excited.  I think they will be a great couple.  Final grade- C

Favorite Quote:

When she came to him, his dream self did not give a fuck what his waking self wanted. His dream self wanted her, and wanted her bad. Deep, hard, every which way. When she showed up, he seized her, went at her like a maniac.

It was as disturbing as it was exciting.

Rating: C+
Fatal Strike by Shannon McKenna
September 24th 2013 by Kensington
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  1. Mandi says

    I can’t decide if I should read this one. I haven’t read too many in this series – but it just isn’t getting that great reviews. I dunno.

    • says

      I read it because I have read all the other books in the series. I think there is only one more so I didn’t want to stop now.