Review: Fast Track by Julie Garwood

Fast Track by Julie Garwood  Buchanan-Renard series #12Cordelia “Cordie” Kane is the third best friend in the Sophie, Regan and Cordie trilogy.  The three stories are actually part of the Buchanan-Renard series with Sophie’s book being Fire and Ice and Regan’s book being Murder List.  Aiden is Regan’s older brother and the man Cordie has had a crush on since she was a young girl.  We saw that in Sophie and Regan’s books but Aiden is a hotel magnate and is many years older than Cordie so he has never looked her way.

Fast forward to the present time and Cordie is sitting at her father’s side as he passes away only to be told her mother, who she thought was already dead, was actually alive.  First Cordie has to get over the shock of her beloved father dying before she can process anything about her mother.  Her father was a wonderful man, took care of her and loved her greatly, all the while building an automotive store chain and selling it for millions of dollars.  When Cordie finally gets time to breath she learns who her mother is and wants to confront her.

Aiden happens to have a hotel where Cordie’s mother lives, Australia, and feeling protective of her, volunteers to fly her over there.  He vows to stay at her side until she does what she needs to do and then will come back home with her.  When they all find out Cordie’s mother is part of a very wealthy, influential family things start to get a little dicey.  Cordie’s mother never wanted her and will now stop at nothing to keep her a secret.  When dangerous things start to happen around Cordie everyone must band together to protect her.

I love Julie Garwood’s books.  If you asked me to name my favorite authors she would easily be on that list.  But lately it seems like her books have not been working for me.  My issue with this one was Aiden.  He was a busy man and worked all the freaking time.  He would spare a few minutes to have sex with Cordie or keep her calm with some inane platitudes and then he was back off to work.  He ALWAYS had a meeting, a text message, a phone call, something to look at on his computer.  There is one point in the story where Cordie even tells him it is rude to text while talking to someone.  Even around 85%  Aiden is still buried in his work.

I found it very difficult to believe these two people had any sort of connection.  We are constantly reminded how long Cordie has been in love with Aiden and how she needs to move on however she never acts on that.  She will go to sleep and have Aiden show up in her bed and she caves.  There was never a question about how she felt about him.  When and where his feelings developed was the mystery.  They had known each other for many years and now all of the sudden he has fallen for her?  I didn’t buy it.  Especially when the whole story emphasized how in love with his work he was and there wasn’t much else he gave attention to.

Sadly this one was probably the worst Garwood I have read in a long time.  I will absolutely pick up the next one with the hope it is better.  Julie Garwood can tell an amazing story and I am just going to chalk this one up as a fluke and move on.  Final grade- C-

Favorite Quote:

“I’ve been thinking about this all day,” he whispered.  One hand moved to the back of her neck.  “How many times do you want to come tonight?”

Rating: C-
Fast Track by Julie Garwood
July 29th 2014 by Dutton Adult
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  1. says

    Awww, I’m bummed this one didn’t work for you. It’s funny, I’ve been sort of opposite of you. I loved this one. Like you Julie Garwood is on my list of favorite authors and her historical books are all on my permanent keep shelf but her contemporaries weren’t working for me. It was only recently that I started to get into them. I felt like Aiden was always too busy to truly get to know Cordie before and it was truly the kiss that made him sit up and take notice of her. I know my brother has had friends for years that I’ve never truly gotten to know even though they were always around because I was so busy doing my own thing. I hope the next one works better for you!

    • says

      I think it would take an act of Congress to keep me from reading Garwood’s books. Even then I would probably protest. lol Maybe next time?