Review: Extreme Love by Abby Niles

Extreme Love by Abby NilesDante “Inferno” Jones is in town training for a fight.  He is two months out from the match of his career and he wants the best to train him.  His first day in town he is introduced to Caitlyn.  She intrigues him because she is so different from the groupies that normally hang around.  But with that difference comes Dante having to break down some walls.

Caitlyn is shy because she has always been known as the fat girl.  She has turned her life around by losing 80 pounds and now she just wants to spend time helping other people do the same.  When Dante shows interest in her she is nervous, shy and suspicious of his motives.  She cannot hang around him without super skinny girls being paraded in front of her and she doesn’t know if she can’t take that type of stress.  But Dante won’t go away and what’s a girl to do when a hot guy doesn’t take no for an answer?

Almost from the beginning we see casual assumptions on Dante’s part.  He tells Caitlyn that losing weight is so simple.  You just exercise and cut down on the calories.  Duh.  Even if a person hasn’t had issues surely they are smart enough to know it isn’t that easy.  If it was, wouldn’t every just do it?  Weight was treated so casually and so seriously in this book that I was getting whiplash going back and forth.  It was a big issue for Caitlyn not so big for Dante and they had two very opposite stances on how to fix the problem.

I can deal with a book focuses on someone who has body issues but what I can’t deal with is when it takes me completely out of the story.  There were too many times when I would settle into their relationship and the flow of it only to be jerked right out by someone calling Caitlyn fat.  Dante’s opponent called her fat, his ex called her fat, teenagers at the gym called her fat…seriously.  What happened to human decency?  I have never in my life called someone fat like that and to bring it out in a story was a total turnoff.  It was so over the top that I lost all connection with the story.

Their relationship wasn’t much better.  Abby ran every time someone made a comment about her weight.  She might have lost 80 pounds but that didn’t translate into her having any more confidence.  She still talked and acted like the person she had previously been.  I would have liked to have seen more confidence, more self-assurance.  For a person to lose that much weight they would have to have a spine of steel but that was never demonstrated.  Those issues made it hard for me to believe in them being a couple.  Especially when it came to the over the top I love you declaration.

Unfortunately, this book did not work for me.  I grabbed it up because it was a MMA romance but there was too much going on outside of the romance.  And what romance I did find wasn’t very likable.  I couldn’t get over the hero being always referred to as Dante “Inferno” Jones either.  Couldn’t we just call him by his first name?  Final grade- D

Rating: D
Extreme Love by Abby Niles
April 30th 2013 by Entangled Publishing
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