Review: Exposed to You by Beth Kery

“Life and a future aren’t a certainty, both of those things are ephemeral, as difficult to hold on to as an unexpected lightning strike of desire.”

What does a young, vivacious woman do when she’s been handed a diagnosis that could possibly snuff out her existence?

Exposed to You by Beth KeryArt teacher and painter, Joy Hightower is facing her worst nightmare.  Like her mother, who died of the disease, Joy has been diagnosed with cancer.  The same day of her diagnosis, Joy’s uncle Seth calls with an impromptu request at the Hollywood film set where he is the makeup department head.  Knowing Joy is the best artist for the job, Seth asks her to paint the last tattoo on one of the actors in the current production, Maritime.  When she begins painting, Joy has no clue that under the mask and costume of the man she is painting is “A” list actor, Everett Hughes.  One look into the clear aquamarine eyes beneath the costume causes Joy to feel an attraction and sexual sensation that she had never experienced when working with models and actors in the past.  The attraction is mutual and as Joy begins to paint Everett’s body, her mind and emotions are on overdrive causing an adrenaline rush and arousal that results in Joy giving Everett the most erotic blowjob of his life.  Not understanding their intense connection but wanting to figure it out, both agree to meet after the shoot.  After a misunderstanding of venue, they never meet up and Joy determines it’s for the best as she needs to focus on the harsh reality of fighting a killer disease.

Fourteen months later, Joy has relocated to Chicago and undergone treatment for her cancer.  Her fierce independence resulted in her choice to face the journey alone.  Joy witnessed cancer suck the life out of her mother, which resulted in her father leaving them both.  She knows first hand how the burden of the disease affects family and friends and therefore did not want her only close family member, Seth to bear the burden with her.  Joy is now in remission and teaching art at one of the local schools.  While having coffee with several colleagues, she runs into Everett Hughes who is in town for a movie premiere.  He immediately approaches her to find out why she never met him after their memorable first encounter.  Joy is shocked and a little embarrassed to learn that Everett is the man she lost her inhibitions with that day at the studio. Everett knows the connection they shared was something he has never experienced with a woman and he has no intention of letting Joy out of his sight again so he asks her to be his date to the premiere.  She accepts, believing there connection is nothing more than a fleeting physical attraction given this is a man who could have any woman he wants; however Everett is determined to prove otherwise.

Exposed to You is such an intensely heated and emotionally satisfying story on many levels.  Not only is there a good amount of sizzling raw, sex, but Beth Kery also allows us to get to know the soul of the characters as well as witness a slow developing romance.  I love that we learn the desires and insecurities of both characters and there is a verbal communication that they share during their sexual moments that is very refreshing.  Ms. Kery succeeded in bringing their unique and vibrant personalities to life within the pages.  Everett is a strong, virile, charismatic man.  He is totally grounded; comfortable with his sexuality and desires a meaningful relationship with a woman who sees beyond the stereotype of Everett, the movie star.  He is intense yet fun; as the reader he is easy to love and towards the end he makes such a profound gesture of his commitment to Joy you can help but be a little teary.   Joy on the other hand yields a double edge sword in regard to intimacy.  She is completely uninhibited in regard to her sexuality and in allowing Everett to expose her sexual nature.  However, emotionally, she does not want to pursue a committed relationship for many reasons; the most important being the possibility of a recurrence of cancer.

I have to say the initial blowjob scene is one of the most erotic scenes I have read in romance to date.  So much so, that I read it more than once! Seriously, it will leave you panting and that is just the opening chapter!  Furthermore, the sex scenes Ms. Kery pens are emotionally gripping and the raw passion this couple ignites is quite breathtaking.  Everett introduces Joy to tantric sexuality in order to promote an intimacy Joy has never experienced and as a result we witness some intensely erotic and exceptionally beautiful moments between the two.

“It’s just sex, Joy,” he said.  “Isn’t that what you told me on the dock?”

“You’re so beautiful,” she heard him murmur as his open hand caressed the side of her body and she quivered like a live wire.  “You shine so brightly in my eyes.”

She clamped her eyes shut and felt a burn behind the lids.

“Say it’s just sex now, Joy.”

Anger flickered into the swirl of her satiation.  Was it anger? Or was it fear?

“Your silence is a dare.  Don’t dare me,” he said, his voice deceptively soft.

She clenched her eyes shut tighter.  Her anguish had lowered to her throat, tightening it.  It was like a hand squeezed it, halting the brewing volcano of emotion in her chest.  She felt as if his touch were putting her in direct contact with her life—with joy and laughter and light and passion unlike anything she’d ever known or dreamt.

She hated him for making her feel this much.

Readers who love a deeply meaningful erotic love story should definitely experience the magic of Exposed to You.  The richly developed dialogue and thought provoking emotion will leave a memorable impression long after you are finished.

Favorite Quote:

“I like listening to you,” he mumbled.

“Everett, I’m not saying anything,” she admonished gently.

“I can hear you breathe”

“Are you suggesting I have a Darth Vader issue?”

He chuckled tiredly.  “No, you’re a much sexier breather than Darth.”

Rating: A
Exposed to You by Beth Kery
November 6th 2012 by Berkley Trade
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    This one sounds awesome! I’ve only read one book, Wicked Burn, by this author before, but I loved it. It was intense and hot and I can’t wait to try my luck with this book.

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      I really loved it and I had not read the first book in the series so now I’m going back to read. This book can totally be read as a “stand alone” but the main couple from the first book are in this one so now I’m excited to read their story.

      I’ve got to read Wicked Burn too. Jen said it was HOT and I would love it.


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