Review: Evernight by Kristen Callihan

Oh, but she was mad, mad, mad.  She stifled a cackle.  Holly Evernight, The Mad Scientist.  To think her cousin Sin used to call her Doctor Frankenstein to get a rise out of her.


Evernight by Kristen Callihan Darkest London series #5In Shadowdance Holly Evernight is kidnapped by Amaros and forced to put a clockwork heart into Will Thorne.  Thorne is also part demon so there was no way to determine what the clockwork heart would do to him.  Holly and Will were eventually rescued by Jack and Mary but the damage was done and the heart has to remain in Thorne.  Slowly he is being turned into a platinum being and he lives in great agony and pain.

Many months later, Holly knows someone is trying to kill her.  She lives in a fortress though and there is no way anyone will be able to get to her.  One person manages to breach her defenses though and that person is Thorne.  Holly feels a great sense of responsibility for what is happening to him and agrees to help ease his pain.  She has an affinity for metal and is able to draw off his hurting.  They find out that contact between the two of them gives relief to Thorne and pushes back the spread of the platinum.  For her help, Thorne says he will help find out who has put the contract on her life and will protect her until they close that contract.

Because of the nature of how she will help Thorne, there must be a lot of close contact between the two.  They are natural enemies, Holly having made Thorne what he is and Thorne with his attempts to kill Holly, but the closeness forms an odd sort of bond between them.  They are both drawn to the other but also pulled away by their past.  They bicker yet crave the presence of the other.

“I’ll wait out here until you are ready.”

He’d yet to lower his gaze from hers.  “Why wait?”  The silky tone slithered over her spine.  He took a step forward, watching her like a falcon does a mouse, even as his hand went to his cravat, jerking free with a tug.  “Such common actions as my undressing mean little to you, correct?  I am, after all, nothing more than an experiment.”

So then, she’d hurt him.  Had he no sense of her finer feelings.  That he’d stomped all over them more than once?  Irked, she lifted her chin.  “As I am nothing more than a remedy.”

“Just so,” he said crisply.

I debated a lot about what to say in the rest of this review.  Evernight is a 400+ page book so there is a lot going on.  The first half of the book focuses on Holly and Thorne’s relationship.  The second half of the book, their relationship is more…stable and we see the real action.   I feel like if I tried to explain what is going on I would 1) not do it justice and 2) ruin any surprises for the reader.  So I will only say that once the second half of the book starts, hold onto your seats.  The story is breathtaking, suspenseful and so tightly put together.  I wonder what kind of genius Ms. Callihan is because she just awes me with her ability to tell a story.

Generally when I read a long-standing series I tend to lose interest after the main group of people find their HEA.  In this case that would the Ellis family.  Ms. Callihan does an amazing job at building up new characters and making their stories just as interesting as the first couple of books.  The plot in each book not only focuses on what is happening now but will happen in the future with other characters.  I have found this can take away from the current story but that is not so here.  I am just as interested in Adam, Lucien, Sin, Eliza May and Darby’s stories as I have been in the first five tales we have read.

Evernight was a long anticipated book for me and it more than lived up to the wait.  Now I will say I cannot wait for the next one because it is Adam and Eliza May’s story.  If the epilogue is anything to go by, it is going to be a doozy.  Fans of historical romance and/or paranormal romance should jump all over this series. It is, without question, one of my favorites and I know readers will not be disappointed.  Final grade- A

Favorite Quote:

Thorne burst out laughing, tilting his head back with it.  “Theft.  I like that.  Very well, then.”  He crammed the strand in his trouser pocket, still laughing.  “I am a thief.  But you aren’t getting it back.”

“You don’t believe I will take it from there?”

In a blink, Thorne’s gaze turned molten.  “Oh, please do,” he said thickly.  “I beg of you. go digging around in my trousers.”

“Snake.” She wanted to hit his head, or dig about in his trousers.  Each was equally tempting.

His grin returned.  “Trouser snake, you mean.”

Rating: A
Evernight by Kristen Callihan
August 26th 2014 by Forever
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