Review: Drawn Together by Lauren Dane

Drawn Together (Brown Siblings #6) by Lauren DaneFollowers of Ms. Dane’s Brown Siblings series have known Raven since the beginning of the series.  She is Erin’s best friend and Brody’s ex girlfriend.  She inspires mixed reactions in characters and fans alike.  While she never promised Brody a monogamous relationship when he finally fell for Elise, Raven did her best to make everyone in the situation miserable.  Before I read Drawn Together I went back and looked at some of the things I have said about Raven.  Here is a quote from my review of Coming Undone, Brody’s book:

I am pretty much over Raven. I know the question was out there about her being Adrian’s HEA but I don’t see how that could have happened. She was a petty bitch in this book. I can’t see her changing her stripes.

That was something I wrote in 2010 and I can’t say that my opinion of Raven had changed much before I started this one.  Through several more books she continued to be prickly, outspoken and unlikable which made me even more interested to start her book and to see how Ms. Dane would handle such a polarizing character.

The plot of Drawn Together is very basic and straightforward.  We have Raven and we have Jonah.  Jonah is Levi’s brother (from Lush).  Raven has never been one to commit, she has serious issues and Jonah feels he is the man to keep her.  He is an established lawyer, he has been through one marriage and has a child in high school that he raised almost on his own.  He is old enough to know what he wants and Raven is it.

Jonah asks Raven to do a tattoo for him and so starts their relationship.  Raven thinks he will be a man like most others and has sex with him because she thinks he is hot and knows they have good chemistry.  She is sure that will be all it is but Jonah is in it for something more.  He is stubborn, controlling and demanding and asks for more from her.  He asks for monogamy.  Raven has never been able to give that to anyone but because of the incredible connection she has with Jonah and the flat-out awesome way he makes her feel in bed, she agrees.

Throughout the rest of Drawn Together we learn about Raven.  We learn why she is how she is and how she got to that point.  We see her utter devotion to the Brown family and her love for the children they have all had.  And we see her slowly start to form something  with Jonah, almost in spite of what is buzzing around in her head.

So the big question was how would I feel about Raven after her reading her book and I have a mixed answer for that.  I liked her and that might be because she didn’t feel like the Raven I first met in Coming Undone.  Maybe time had mellowed her or being around the kids had made her nicer but she wasn’t as bitchy, she could control her mouth,  and she didn’t run off at every hint of real emotion.  So is that good or bad…I don’t really know.  The book showed us a side of Raven that we had never seen, but I struggle to know if that side was always there or if it was invented for the sake of her having her own book.  She definitely had a serious backstory that would explain a lot of her issues so maybe, just maybe it took a while for her open up for the reader to be able to see that soft spot in her.

Jonah, well there was nothing wrong with him.  He was full of awesome.  I am normally a huge fan of Ms. Dane’s female characters but here it was Jonah that stole the story, for me.  His confidence just jumped off the pages.  It was hot to see him own everything, and own it he did.  He was absolutely perfect for everything we have seen Raven dish out.  He was willing to wait for her to talk to him, wait for her to come to him on her own time, yet he still exerted subtle pressure to get her to that place.

When he got this woman naked they were going to set shit on fire.

Overall, I enjoyed this book.  I felt like Raven was redeemed, as much as she wanted to be :), and we were given a wonderful hero in Jonah.  All of the previous Brown family members were there plus we saw people from Ms Dane’s offshoot series, Delicious.  For some reason I wasn’t aware that Levi had so many brothers. Jonah being one of them, but they all made an appearance in Drawn Together too.  Her website says that we could possibly get their stories in 2016 and that makes me pretty happy.  Final grade- B

Favorite Quote:

“Holy shit.”  Daisy breathed out as the headed back to where Jonah was no standing with Levi.  “If you made semen, I’d totally have your babies.”

Rating: B
Drawn Together by Lauren Dane
October 1st 2013 by Penguin Group USA
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