Review: Dragon Rising by Jaime Rush

Dragon Rising (The Hidden 0.6) by Jaime RushDragon Mine and Dragon Rising are two prequels for Jaime Rush’s new Hidden series.  Dragon Mine is about Kirin and Dragon Rising is about his sister Lyra.  I suspect both books are a setup to get the reader used to the terminology and the world for when the first full length book releases in December.  Either way, I am a sucker for a book with dragons so I was excited to see this new series coming out.

Lyra’s story starts in Dragon Mine where we find out that her father is missing and that he is a murder suspect.  In her search to find out what happened Lyra comes across Archer.  Archer is a Caidos which are people with the essence of fallen angels.  I was confused about some descriptions though.  Below is how a Caidos is first described:

“holding the essence of fallen angels who were sent to oversee the gods of the island.  They, too, became physical and fell to the temptation of lust.”

and then a couple of pages later there is this:

“As far as she knew, they were antisocial and asexual,”

Archer does carry a lot of arrogant ass in him though and that had me gnashing my teeth at times.

Since this is novella form and mostly a step for the full length novels, I felt that the romance was a bit lacking.  It wasn’t fleshed out as much as I would want it to be and seem to happen in the shortest amount of time possible.  Maybe we will see more of these character once the December comes around.  The terminology is overwhelming and hard to get used to so I am glad I picked up these prequels before jumping straight into the series.  I think a person might be lost if they were to try to step into the main books without reading these first.  I am intrigued by the concept and the world building so I look forward to the full length novel.  Final grade (for the novellas) C+

Favorite Quote:

“You’re not surprised to see me here, are you? she asked.


“You’ve got to stop being so talkative.  Yammer, yammer, yammer.”

Rating: C+
Dragon Rising by Jaime Rush
October 1st 2013 by Forever Yours
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