Review: Don’t Mess with Texas by Christie Craig

Don't Mess With TexasWhat can I say? I have a soft spot for anything that may be cowboy themed. With the girls’ cowboy boots danglin’ away on the cover  along with the title Don’t Mess with Texas, and I couldn’t resist this book.

Unfortunately this book didn’t knock me off my boots. At 400 pages, there is lot going on in this contemporary romance. With essentially 3 plots to follow and a big cast of characters, I found myself wanting it to hurry along. I did enjoy the hero, Dallas O’Connor. He’s a Private Investigator and former cop who runs a PI business with two friends. Dallas takes one look at Nikki who is suspected of killing her husband, and Dallas is quick to come to her rescue (plot #1). Dallas’ brother Tony is a cop and investigating the murder where Nikki appears to be the prime suspect. Tony has been separated from his wife for 9 months but is still madly in love with her and desperate to get her back. (plot #2). And while Dallas takes on Nikki as a client in his PI business, he’s also helping a young kid beat a bad rap on some charges (plot #3). You follow? Exactly – lots going on.

Overall I really enjoyed the character of Dallas. I found him to be my favorite part of the book. I anxiously awaited the book to get back with scenes of him while it worked its way through all the subplots. Buy Nikki didn’t quite work for me as the heroine. She was just a little “child-like” for me to really latch on to her and keep up the good fight that it all work out for her and Dallas. While the hero and heroine had chemistry, it just was a little all over the place – from them being wishy washy, to trying to connect emotionally, to fighting the physical attraction, and then Dallas’ big reveal. Momentum kept getting built up, but then I found myself underwhelmed by the outcome.

I think I would have liked this book much better if some of the subplots were not there and the book moved along the mystery of who killed Nikki’s husband at a faster pace. I do commend the author for making each character stand out during their time in the book. There are some funny moments and I enjoyed Nikki’s grandmother as well. She was a hoot.

Rating: C-
Don’t Mess with Texas by Christie Craig
August 26th 2011 by Grand Central Publishing
Contemporary Romance
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    This sounds kind of hit or miss depending on what writing style you enjoy. Sounds like too many subplots which would frustrate me. Nice review Samantha.

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    I love contemporary cowboy stories, the cover sure got my attention. Sorry to hear it did not work for you, I don’t like too many subplots either, especially in this genre.

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    My review partner May read this and I think I remember her saying it wasn’t a favorite of hers. I’ve never read this author but I think her earlier stuff is better.

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