Review: Destiny by Carly Phillips

DestinyI wanted to review Destiny by Carly Phillips because I have always liked her past work.  Her stories have fun characters, an engaging plot and some hot lovin’ to go along with it.  I really enjoyed her Hot Zone and Lucky series.  Unfortunately, I can’t say that I enjoyed Destiny as much as her previous books.

Destiny is the second book in the Serendipity trilogy.  The books are about the Barrons brother’s and their journey to find happiness and peace.  When their parents were killed by a drunk driver Nash was only 16 years old.  His brother, Ethan, left town leaving Nash and his younger brother Dare to become wards of the state.  Both Nash and Dare were adopted into other families.  Because of the circumstance Nash holds a big grudge against Ethan and pretty much the world in general.

Kelly is in town because her half-sister Tess is also half sister to Ethan, Nash and Dare.  Their mom ran off and left Kelly to raise Tess and she wasn’t doing a very good job.  Kelly turned Tess over to Ethan hoping that he could provide the family influence that Tess needed.

I had not read the first book in the trilogy so maybe that is why I felt behind from the start of this book.  The book opens up with a lot of half sister, step this, estranged mother and brother terms being thrown around.  It took me several of chapters to get everything straight and to the point where I didn’t think Nash and Kelly, the love interests, weren’t doing something incestual.  That really messed with the story starting out.

I am not sure I ever got on board after that.  To me, the main theme of the story is baggage.  Everyone seemed to have baggage hanging around them.  And as the story went on the baggage didn’t seem to get resolved, it kind of just kept piling on.  Nash had always been on hung up on why his rich, adoptive parents were not able to take his brother in also.  It turns out that Dare has requested the family not take him in.  This seemed to be a whole separate plot that weighed on Nash.  The story was very much about Nash looking deep inside himself and resolving issues he has.

As for Kelly and Nash, they seemed to be secondary in the story.  There were so many other things going on I felt I kept getting bounced from one part of the story to the next.  On a positive note, Ms Phillips did not skimp on the sex scenes.  She was strong in that area, per usual.  Some of the scenes I had to stop and read twice!

While Destiny was a bad book, I didn’t think it measured up to past works I have read from Ms. Phillips.  I would recommend reading the first book in the trilogy and maybe you won’t start out as lost as I did.  Overall grade- C+.

Favorite Quote:

Tess turned and shouted toward the upstairs.  “Kelly, lover boy’s here to pick you up!”

Nash winced.  Normally he wouldn’t let Tess dictate who he saw or what he did, but he understood how seeing them kissing has threatened her safe world.  “Look, about that-“

“Save it.”  She held out a hand to stop him from speaking.  “Anything you’re going to say would just be TMI and I don’t want to hear it.”

He closed his eyes for a brief second.  “Okay, what’s TMI mean?” he asked, resigned to making and even bigger ass of himself in front of her.

She rolled her eyes in complete disgust.  “Too much information.”

Rating: C+
Destiny by Carly Phillips
January 3rd 2012 by Berkley
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  1. says

    I am sorry you did not enjoy this book as much as you hoped. I can understand you were confused. I hope the next one will be better again.

    • says

      Thanks! I really do like Carly Phillips’ work. I have heard mixed reviews on this series as a whole. I am not sure what is different about these books as opposed to how she has written in the past.

  2. says

    I love the Carly Phillips books I read so far, although I love the blurb of this story, after reading your review I understand your not being on board with this one. Sometimes a story just don’t work for you. Loved reading your thoughts on this one.

  3. says

    OMG, you thought it was incestual in the beginning? LOL! I can just imagine your face! The first book was weighed down by a lot of baggage too. It also gave me a bad taste in my mouth for the younger brothers, despite knowing that they had a right to be angry.

    • says

      It took me a bit to work it all out. Too many steps and whatnot. I knew it couldn’t be incestual- that wouldn’t make for a good romance!

      Ok, good that you didn’t care for the first one either. Well not good that you read a book that you didn’t like but good that it wasn’t just me!

  4. says

    I’m sorry you didn’t like this one. I might have to try some of her other worked that you talked about in the beginning of the review. I must be behind because I have never read anything by this author.

    Thanks for the great review, I will have to add the books by her that you enjoyed to my wish list.

  5. says

    I’ve not read Serendipity yet, but it sounds like I probably wouldn’t enjoy this one much even if I had. I like drama, but this one is LOADED with it. And maybe I need to read the book, but I just don’t understand why the older brother would take off and leave his two younger brothers to be wards of the state after their parents are killed. I know not everyone steps up and does the right thing, but to leave your siblings to strangers? What the hell???? I have FOUR siblings, and I would take every single one of them if, God forbid, something had happened to my parents. It’s just the right thing to do.

    • says

      There is a bit of a backstory but it wasn’t enough to make me get on board with his reasons for leaving. I just didn’t care for it.