Review: Defiance by Stephanie Tyler

Defiance Stephanie TylerThis might be one of those reviews where you get to the end and wonder why I rated it favorably. The thing is I enjoyed this book overall and the rating is based on that. But, there were some things that didn’t work for me and I want to talk about that so it might seem like I’m picking the book apart. Just remember, I enjoyed the book. :)

The Chaos, as it is known present day, was a series of cataclysmic environmental events that cast the earth into darkness. Survivors of the storms are slowly rebuilding and learning to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. The MC’s went underground, literally, and have emerged as their own government practicing dangerous politics in the name of keeping the MC strong and thriving. But there is no harmony between rival gangs and no one is to be trusted. Internally, the Defiance MC is seeing some turbulence as well. The older governing members rule with archaic laws and some of the younger up-and-comers think it’s time for change. When Tru, the prodigal daughter of the former MC enforcer is returned to the MC disgraced and beaten for rejecting a rival club leader, she doesn’t receive a warm welcome from her MC. She is not trusted because she dishonored the MC when she ran from her abusive father and eventually took up with a rival gang for protection.

But now that she is back, Tru is to be bonded to one of the MC president’s sons. This is where it gets confusing for me. I had a hard time understanding the MC politics and I did a bit of re-reading trying to situate myself in the world. I’m not sure I ever really understood why Tru was supposed to marry the president’s son. She was disgraced, untrusted and unwanted. Many times the elder members said she should be handed over to the other MC so the bonding confused me. Anyway, Tru refuses and announces that she wants to bond with Caspar, her one-time former lover. This causes uproar. He’ll have to fight to protect her, and he’s willing to kill if he has to, but he doesn’t immediately accept Tru.

And a lot of other stuff happens…Like I said, the politics are complicated and much happens.

Okay. The romance. Life in the MC is definitely not romantic. It’s a harsh, brutal life, especially for women. Sex is power and traded freely. So, amongst all of the crazy in their lifestyle, I hoped for a bit more romance between Tru and Caspar in their private world. But they just weren’t that couple. There is no doubt they love each other, and their intimate scenes were very hot. But their emotional coming together was just a given and while I think there was supposed to be some angst in their coming together, I just didn’t feel it. Instead I felt as though they were already a long-time couple working together to bring positive changes for the future of the MC and the romantic buildup just wasn’t there for me.

The world: I wanted more details. One the things I dread when reading a story set in an unfamiliar setting is the info dump that sometime comes in setting up the world. But this time I felt like I didn’t get enough of the actual physical day-to-day routine and how people survived three years post-chaos. People are living in total darkness; they only get sun on occasion for a few hours when a satellite punches a whole in the layer of volcanic ash that covers the earth. They have underground shelter but spend most of their time above ground. But living in total darkness can’t be easy. I had the impression that life was slowly getting back to normal even without the benefit of the sun, but I wanted to know more about how that was happening.

Even with my complaints, I liked this book overall. I was surprised by the turn of events with the internal conflict in the MC and I liked the outcome and the hope that things can and will change, especially for the women in the MC. I hope in the future books the world will continue to expand and develop. I didn’t talk about the secondary characters but there were a few who have potential for interesting stories and I’m looking forward to knowing who will be featured in future books.

Favorite Quote:

Men live and die for women. One day, you’ll know this. Wise words he’d never forgot from a man he’d never meet.

Rating: B-
Defiance by Stephanie Tyler
June 10th 2013 by Carina Press
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  1. Mandi says

    Hmmmm…With the lack of romantic build-up and world details..I might pass on this one. But it intrigues me all at the same time.

    • says

      I skimmed other reviews after I wrote this and didn’t see the same response about the romance so I guess it’s just a me thing.