Review: Deep Desires by Charlotte Stein

Deep Desires Charlotte SteinLately I have been immersing myself in erotic romance books.  They have all been a little dark and a little daring.  After a while they all kind of have the same theme though.  So I am always looking for something that will put a twist on the genre.  Then Amy, fellow FV reviewer, told me to try Deep Desires by Charlotte Stein.  Boy howdy, did Ms. Stein put a twist on it!  To get an example of what I was thinking while reading the book, see the email trail between Amy and me once I started reading Deep Desires.

From: Jen To: Amy  Sent: Tue, Oct 9, 2012 3:20 pm

Your turn now.-Deep Desires.

OMG. These books you keep recommending are killing me!!!! I just about fell out of my chair.


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Holy crap. He just…for real…what the??? OMG. I think I just hyperventelated.

Dammit, Amy. I am supposed to be working here!! Not sitting with my kindle hiding behind my monitor!!


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LMAOOOOOO!!! Deep Desires is voyeuristic goodness!!! EPIC!


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Are all her books like this?? Because I am drooling over this thing. I am pissed I have to leave work to go pick my kids up.


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LMAO, she is filthy! I love her.


So that should give you a pretty good indication of how I felt about the book.  It starts out so compelling that I didn’t want to put it down.

Abbie is hiding from an abusive ex.  She has a very low sense of self-worth.  She wears big clothes to hide what she has and has a job as a grocery store clerk.  There is nothing noteworthy or exciting about her life.  Until one day, across the way from her apartment she sees a man, in his window, masturbating.  At first she is shocked because why would he be doing that in the window.  Once she realizes she is probably the only person who can see him she cannot tear herself away.  She watches what is a very intimate act for him.

The next day she sees him at his mailbox and has a full conversation with him, in her mind.  Only in her mind.  For now, there is safety in the anonymity of the their relationship.  Later that night when she returns to her window she sees a message:  Your turn now.  From that moment Abbie and Ivan start to form a tentative connection that is only through their windows.

This book is naughty and dirty and dark.  Ivan is so lost and deep that I wanted more of him.  Abbie searches the internet for references on him only to find he has his own company.  He is a very intelligent person as seen with the special gifts he keeps giving Abbie, one of them being a very dirty toy.  At one point he gives her a video that was very shocking yet gave a bit of insight on who Ivan might be.  That bit of insight just made me want more.

Eventually Abbie and Ivan connect in person.  Maybe I am a perve, but as soon as Ivan and Abbie met a bit of the excitement was lost for me.  Not enough to take anything away from the book though, I was just having too much fun wondering what the next voyeuristic act would be.  I have never read anything like that and it was pretty freaking hot to wonder what would come next.  Even though they have met the messed up factor does not dim down at all.  These are two very damaged people and it isn’t all hearts and rainbows when they come face to face.

The end, when it came, was too fast for me.  I want more of these two.  Ok, I want more of Ivan and Abbie can come along for the ride.  Please, Ms. Stein hear my plea and give us more page time with them??  This book is a page turner.  It will grab you from the first page and not let you go until you turn the last one.  If you find yourself wanting something different than the norm, pick this one up.  You won’t be disappointed.  Final grade -B+

Favorite Quote:

I watched you masturbate last night.

I think the words at his back, as he turns and begins to sift through whatever letters he’s received. Probably bills, I’m sure. Maybe a leaflet from a charity he donates to. Possibly a subscription to a really innocent and normal magazine.

Like Horny Voyeurs Monthly.

Because that’s what I am, isn’t it?

Rating: B+
Deep Desires by Charlotte Stein
September 27th 2012 by Mischief (HarperCollins)
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  1. says

    Every time I think of this book, my reaction is GAAAAAAAAA! I want more of this couple too and I’m pretty sure Stein is planning a sequel. I love her. I have crowned her the Queen of Filthy Goodness!

  2. ClaudiaGC says

    I loved that one, too! Charlotte Stein has such a unique voice! I thought the ending a bit abrupt, too and would love a sequel!
    I think you have to read Control next. You might not think it’s possible but this one is even filthier, imo. 😛

  3. says

    I had a hard time believing the heroine went from thinking this guy was creepy, to masturbating for him in front of a window, to loving him in such a short amount of time. I got stuck on creepy serial killer.

  4. says

    OMG! Yes! Ivan in the window….so freaking hot. I liked this one too. And that tape he sent her….AAAHHH! I went and added the rest of her books onto my wishlist just because of this book.

  5. Mandi says

    Man i love a hero who pleasures himself. 😉 And Ivan…Oh Ivan.

    I LOVE Charlotte Stein’s voice. Love.

    For a fun, more light-hearted Stein erotic, try Control.

  6. Pamela says

    I loved this story!! Incredibly hot but so emotionally satisfying. A sequel? You just made my day!!! I read Stein’s Sheltered and enjoyed that too. Any other recs?