Review: Dark Wolf by Christine Feehan

She was human.  He was Carpathian-nearly immortal.  She was nineteen years old.  He was an ancient, centuries old.  She held the other half of his soul, the light to his darkness.  Without her, he would not survive.  She was his lifemate-his savior.  Yet she knew just the opposite was true-Dimitri was the one saving her.

Dark Wolf Christine Feehan Dark 25Dark Wolf is said to be a book that has been 10 years in the making.  Skyler was introduced to the series in Dark Legend which was published in 2002.  Gabriel and Francesca, her adoptive parents, gave her a stuffed wolf made by Dimitri’s foundation.  Skyler felt some sort of connection to the wolf yet at that time neither knew the other was their lifemate.  Their first actual meeting came in Dark Celebration, published in 2006, when Skyler was attacked and Dimitri rescued her.  So to say Dark fans have waited for a long time for this couple’s book would be putting it mildly.

I opened this book with great trepidation.  The last couple of books have not been my favorite.  Characters seem to come out of nowhere just to make couples, the main arc was going nowhere and we seem to be getting page after page of repetitive sex scenes.  It was getting very old but I was hanging on for this one couple.  Skyler and Dimitri were going to make or break this series for me.

I will give a quick plot breakdown and then I will focus on how I felt about this long awaited story.  Lycans and Carpathians are meeting to discuss a possible truce or alliance but there is treachery underfoot.  Dimitri is being held and tortured by some of the Lycan’s but the Carpathian’s are being told he has not been harmed.  Technically they are not supposed to harm him but a faction of the Lycans does not want the Carpathians to live and fears what Dimitri has become, Sange Rau, or “bad blood”.  They want to do away with all such people starting with Dimitri.  Skyler feels her lifemate’s pain and will do whatever it takes to rescue him including take on a pack of Lycans.  When things go bad and Skyler is killed the Lycans wanting a war just might have succeeded in getting what they asked for.

Now for my thoughts and feelings on Dark Wolf.  Skyler was sexually abused in previous book so while we have known for a long time that Skyler and Dimitri were lifemates, Skyler always questioned whether she could be what he wanted when it came to the physical aspect of their relationship.  For the first time in all of the books in this series, I love how Ms. Feehan goes about their sexual relationship.  In the past we have seen a desperate lifemate push their female into having sex.  They go after them over and over until the woman has no choice but to give in.  Dimitri was different and that difference was exactly what Skyler needed.  He has waited years for her.  He knew she was his lifemate but that she could not handle sexual touch so he stayed away from her.  He connected only though her mind and her thoughts giving her much-needed time to adjust to their relationship and the future they would have.

Skyler is strong in Dark Wolf.  She wasn’t timid about going after Dimitri.  Though she is just a human and only 19 years old her past struggles have made her older beyond her years.  She was also a welcome change from the typical lifemate.  Skyler knew she wanted Dimitri and she didn’t shy from it.  There was no wishy-washy back and forth for this heroine.  If that had happened I don’t know what I would have done but thankfully it didn’t and Ms. Feehan stayed true to where she was going with these two.  There was no question about them wanting to be together, the question was with Skyler past trauma and when she would be ready.

Dark Wolf was a big get together of most previous couples.  Dark fans will really enjoy seeing everyone again.  The meeting with the Lycan’s has caused a gathering where we are able check in with some of our favorite pairings.  Skyler is Razvan’s biological daughter and Gabriel/Francesca’s adoptive daughter.  With Gabriel there, you know Lucien, his twin, will be there too.  Dimitri has a brother, Fen, from a previous book and he is lifemates with the Dragonseeker, Tatijana.  Skyler’s best friends are Paul Jansen and Josef.  Paul being attached to the De La Cruz family and Josef a relatively new character with some connections of his own.  As you can see this book has huge tie ins to almost every previous book in the series making it a very important one.

Overall, I did like the book.  This might be bad of me but I was surprised at how much I liked it.  Parts of the story had me riveted and not wanting to stop reading.  Skyler and Dimitri are a lovely match for each other, each complimenting the good while not taking any crap.  I feel like we finally made some progress in the story arc too.  I still had some of the same issues I have with Ms. Feehan’s writing, drawing a single conversation out by about 30 pages, repetitive dialogue and fighting, and overbearing men, but they didn’t bother me as much this time because there was a strong story behind those flaws.  Skyler’s ability to come up with any random chant to save the day was suspect and not very believable but I guess you have to take some things with a grain of salt.  Also there is a scene towards the end of the book with a flower that was a little weird and out there.  That was followed up by a kind of abrupt ending but I expect that is because this is set up as the second book in this trilogy.

Dimitri and Skyler did not disappoint me and I am thrilled.  Props to Ms. Feehan for making this couple live up to their promise and giving her readers exactly what they have been waiting for.  Final grade- B-

Favorite Quote:

 “You realize you have a fixation,” she teased, her voice husky and a little ragged.

“Obsession,” he corrected and lowered his mouth.

Rating: B-
Dark Wolf by Christine Feehan
January 7th 2014 by Berkley
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  1. Amanda says

    I admit that shortly after Dark Celebration I lost interest in this series and though I have always wanted to know about Skyler and Dimitri I haven’t read the newer books. It makes me wonder if I need to do some back reading or if I can just pick up Dark Wolf?

    • says

      I think you can just pick this one up. If you know Feehan’s writing then you know you will get plenty of background info on who is who that you might have missed out on.