Review: Dark Cravings by Madeline Pryce

As a half-breed vampire, Ella Grey’s life sucks. She does her best to pass the time killing demons and secretly admiring her Shadow Hunter partner, Micah. He’s hot, dangerous and knows it. He’d be just Ella’s type if he weren’t likely to kill her the moment she put a toe out of line.

Dark Cravings by Madeline PryceThe blurb for Dark Cravings initially caught my attention because it made me think there would be some good hate sex and I have a weakness for hate sex.  Luckily I wasn’t let down in sex area because this books is hella hot and has plenty of good stuff in it.

The blurb pretty much explains the opening to the book.  Ella and Micah are partners with a connection neither can deny but they also don’t like each other very much.  Or at least that is what they pretend at.  A run in with a succubus and they are singing a different story.  Suddenly Ella and Micah cannot keep their hands off each other and that is not the only change.  Whereas before Ella was only a partial vampire, she didn’t need blood to survive, all of the sudden it seems she really likes to drink blood and her eye color now reflects that.  Throw in Ella’s very jealous sire and you have a crazy mix of supernatural problems.

When Ella and Micah finally let loose, oh boy do they let loose.  There is one scene in Dark Cravings that is crazy hot and I had to read it several times.  Once they get over the initial realization that they are stuck with each other things start to come out and show us that maybe that isn’t such a bad thing.  I enjoyed how the book slowly progressed from hate sex to maybe I like you sex to love sex.

Overall Dark Cravings was very entertaining and sexy with some excellent action sequences.  I had one issue with the book and that would be the semi-casual attitude with how violence towards women was treated.  In the scene where Micah and Ella wake up covered in blood, bruises and other fluids their first thought is towards sexual violation.  Of course the whole scene is mutual however Ella gives off a feeling of violation that permeates the pages.

Why was I naked?  The simplest answer was usually the correct one. I fought logic.

“No. No. No,” I gasped.

Confusion pounded my head into the first starbursts of a migraine.  I refused to think about the intimate places that burned.  I refused to identify why my skin was sticky and tight with dried fluids.  It was mostly blood.  And sweat.

The second violent event that bothered me is towards the end of the story when Ella’s sister is kidnapped, tortured and beaten.  The scene where they find her describes a very graphic and ugly event however all it takes is a hug for her to pop out of the traumatic trance she is in.  The two events are so contradictory that I wasn’t sure which one to believe.  Maybe the torture wasn’t that bad?  Or maybe she didn’t recover?

Aside from my confusion with how the violence is handled, this book is pretty stinking hot and cracky.  The prophecy of the Vampire Queen and Demon Son mating and taking over is exactly the type of book I like to read.  I think it would be fun to have a series for this couple and be able to follow all their adventures.  They might be mated however they still snark pretty well and it would be fun to read.  Final grade- B-

Favorite Quote:

“I knew I was in bad shape because, despite how my gut clenched with hunger, my fangs didn’t lengthen.  Erectile dysfunction.  I had vampire ED, on top of everything else.”

Rating: B-
Dark Cravings by Madeline Pryce
December 25th 2013 by Ellora’s Cave
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    Hi Jen! Thank you for the honest review! I’m glad that there were parts you enjoyed in the book <3 I really appreciate your feedback, as it was never my intention to take violence against women lightly, and I'll work harder in the following books. This series does continue. The next installment – Dark Innocence – follows Hannah after her trauma and how she deals with it.


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