Review: Dare to be Dirty by Savanna Fox

Dare to be Dirty (The Dirty Girls Book Club #2) by Savanna FoxI love the concept of this series.  Some women reading erotic books and then living out those words.  Sometimes, don’t we all want to find that hot man we are reading about and let him do bad things to us?

Kim Chang has a short time before she is due back home where she will be expected to join the family business, settle down and produce a child.  Her parents have even gone so far as to introduce acceptable me to her.  She dated one for a while but they called it off and to avoid the questions they did not tell their families.  What she really wants to do is make money from her art.  It is her dream to be a successful artist but not really by painting or sculpting.  She wants to do something different and unique.

When her book club picks a cowboy romance as their next book and they attend a rodeo, everything changes.  There she meets Ty Ronan, the one man who might talk her into staying.  As Ty and Kim get to know each other the push each other to move outside their comfort zones.  But how will the city girl and the cowboy ever last?

Kim was difficult to warm up to.  She is an artist, I get that.  But within the first 5 pages all of her thoughts were consumed with a color napkin accent at one of the tables, or how red tones did not look well on one of her friends or how another friends would look better in cool shades.  I am not an artist so I don’t know how they think but right off the bat I was not liking the way she wanted to change everything around her.  Things started to look up when she met Ty.  She loosened up and jumped right into something with him.  At that point I thought things would turn around but then we had the morning after.  Her first thoughts when waking up when straight to “What would my parents think??”.    Um, really.  She was in her mid twenties, living away from home and having her first awesome sexual experience and her parents are the first thing to think about.

The fear of her parents carried through most of the novel.  Every decision was based upon what they would think, how they would feel and what expectations she had to live up to.  Ty was a bright spot.  He was just a cowboy, exactly what he was supposed to be.  He owned a ranch, needed a little woman at home and occasionally partcipated in the rodeo.  I liked him for his sexiness and steadiness.

I think reason I am giving Dare to be Dirty the grade I am is because it was just ok.  I am not sure I will remember much about it in 24 hours.  The characters were just ok, the sex was appropriately placed between the couple getting to know each other, the conflict aroused a twinge of annoyance in me but nothing too crazy and art is really not my thing.  I couldn’t identify with Kim’s love of art and her desire to make money off of it.  Her idea for a business did not appeal to me so I was not interested in reading her struggle to get things going.

I grabbed this book because the blurb talked about sexy times with a cowboy.  It sounded like an erotic cowboy novel.  It kind of was but kind of wasn’t.  I got the cowboy part but it wasn’t what I would call erotic.  It wasn’t anymore crazy that what I would read on a normal day.  Overall, this book failed to grab my attention.  It is a pretty long book so maybe it you are looking for something to sink into you could give it a try.  Let me know what you think if you do try it.  Final grade- C-

Favorite Quote:

The waitress glanced at Kim’s half-eaten dessert.  “Oh, you didn’t like the cake?”

“I did.”  A mischevious imp made Kim say, “I just got a better offer for dessert.”

Rating: C-
Dare to be Dirty by Savanna Fox
July 2nd 2013 by Berkley Trade
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