Review: Dare to Surrender by Carly Phillips

Dare to Surrender by Carly Phillips Dare to Love series #3Dare to Surrender is book 3 in the Dare to Love series.  We met Gabe in previous books and he is part of the crazy Dare family tree.  We have had two stories from the other side of the family and now we get a whole new branch.

Gabe is intriguing in Alex’s book, Dare to Desire.  He isn’t the most likable guy but he definitely gives off that sexy, bad boy vibe that reels the women in.  He doesn’t do relationships and has a special “room” in his house where he brings bed partners.  The one woman who he always has his eye on though is Isabelle Masters.  She is dating another man but Gabe sees her out at society events.  He won’t touch her while she is with someone but if he were to ever find out they had broken up, all bets are off.

He is pleasantly surprised when he goes to visit his brother at the police station and finds Isabelle handcuffed to his brother’s desk. He learns she has left her boyfriend has no means to leave the station.  Knowing this is his chance he offers to take Isabelle home with him until she can find something else.  Isabelle has no money, clothes or means to travel so she takes Gabe up on his offer.  This works well until the next day when the cleaning lady calls to say she will late and thinking she is helping Gabe, Isabelle goes to find the spare room to do the cleaning.  What she finds in the spare room is a lot of used condoms and messy bedding.  Freaked out she leaves and makes the decision she needs to be on her own for a while.

Isabelle is able to find a job with her old employer and is jumps on the chance to help design a hot new club.  She knows the club is owned by Gabe’s family but she can’t turn away a business offer and takes the job.  Gabe uses the opportunity to try and convince Isabelle how good they can be together and how she is the only one for him.  The story really heats up once they are at the club and you can see the explosive chemistry between this couple.

Overall, the story wasn’t a bad one but there was one thing that completely turned me off to the book and to Isabelle.  This quote:

And, oh God, we hadn’t used protection.  Yes, we’d had the I’m clean conversation but not the can you get pregnant one.  What was wrong with me.  Thank goodness it wasn’t the right time, but only idiots left things to chance.

You really expect me to believe that any woman over the age of 16, even in the throes of passion, does not think about whether she is protected from having a child?  They had the conversation about diseases but she never thought about getting pregnant during that same talk?  What?  That is just foolish, dumb and completely unbelievable.  The whole thing is made even more unbelievable considering Isabelle was coming from a terrible relationship with a controlling man.  She was attempting to retake her life and do things on her own and she didn’t consider protecting herself from pregnancy?  It was so frustrating to even read something like that.

The Dare to Love series is a sexy one and totally turns up the heat from Ms. Phillips normal contemporary works.  So far I have enjoyed these fast and erotic reads but this one was my least favorite.  Isabelle came off too much as a helpless female who couldn’t take care of herself.  I know we were given three months of independence to show how she can do things on her own but she immediately jumps back in to making terrible decision.  I felt like she didn’t learn any lessons and might always play the part of damsel in distress.  That sort of things isn’t really appealing to me.  Final grade- C-

Favorite Quote:

“I want to fuck you, kitten, but when I do, it won’t be about gratitude. And it will be on my terms.”

Rating: C-
Dare to Surrender by Carly Phillips
July 15th 2014 by CP Publishing
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