Review: Dare to Love by Carly Phillips

New York Times Bestselling Author Carly Phillips turns up the heat in her newest sexy contemporary romance series, and introduces you to the Dare family… siblings shaped by a father’s secrets and betrayal.

Dare to Love by Carly PhillipsLadies, this is not your mother’s Carly Phillips.  A short time ago Ms. Phillips made the announcement that she was going to move to self publishing for a new series.  Dare to Love is the first book in her new Dare to Love series and the first step into self pub for this well-known author.  Self publication is a huge step but one that gives the author more control over each part of the of the writing process.  Since I am a fan of Ms. Phillips traditionally published works, I was very curious to find out how this new venture would go for her.  When offered Dare to Love for review, I happily said yes especially when she mentioned that this new series would be her hottest work to date.  :)

Ian Dare is the first sibling in the Dare to Love series to have his story told.  Ian is an unhappy, angry man with issues stemming from the day he found out his father had another wife and another family.  His parent’s marriage was a business arrangement but, in his eyes, that does not excuse what his father did.  The only reason his family ever found out about the other family was because one of his half sisters needed medical help and their father wanted to find out if any of his legitimate children were compatible donors.

To make his sisters happy, Ian reluctantly agrees to attend his father’s birthday party.  When Riley walks in the room Ian is captivated but there is just one problem, she walked in on the arm of his hated half-brother, Alex.  Alex and Ian are enemies in more than one way.  Not only are they on opposites sides of his father’s infidelity, they work/play for rival companies.  Ian is an executive for one team and Alex is the star quarterback for the other.

Riley has managed to avoid the party for several years running but this year she doesn’t have an excuse.  She agrees to attend with Alex because he is her best friend and he has been there for her through so much.  When she sees Ian and feels the instant attraction with him she doesn’t know what to do.  Something like this is too powerful to not act on but how will she explain it to the most important man in her life?  She won’t do anything to hurt Alex but she also owes it to herself to find happiness.

Riley finds herself immediately contacting Ian but not for the reasons she expected.  She works for a sporting goods company that has recently changed management and wants to bring in their own personnel.  Riley tells her new boss she might have an in with a major sports team and contacts Ian to set up a meeting.  Ian is frustrated with Riley with what he perceives is her chosing Alex over him and doesn’t bother to return her call.  Since Riley can’t deliver on her promise she is fired from her job.  Alex takes this very personally and confronts Ian about not returning her phone call.  Feeling guilty about what happened Ian offers a job to Riley at his company in hopes that it will make up for what he did and with the thought that they will be able to see each other more often.

Dare to Love is a book that has it all.  Ms. Phillips touted it as being her sexiest novel to date and she wasn’t kidding.  Ian is a dirty man.  He likes control and he likes to play with Riley.  He is also possessive of her time and attention and demands everything from her.  He wants her to rely on him instead of Alex and this is the biggest source of their trouble.  Riley comes from an abusive background and Alex has proven himself to be the one she can trust.  If Riley can’t find a way to trust Ian the way she does with Alex then their relationship isn’t going to go far.  As a couple, they were matched in stubbornness and complexity which made for an appealing read.

I love the setup for the future books too.  There are many Dare siblings that will need a story told.  They are all attractive and have some quirky personalities that will lead to interesting books.  If Ian and Riley are anything to go by this will be a strong series for Ms. Phillips.  I really enjoyed this first foray into self publishing for Ms. Phillips and I look forward to the next Dare sibling!  Final grade- B

Favorite Quote:

“You have control issues.”  She pinned him with what she hoped was her most serious gaze.

“That goes without saying.”

Rating: B
Dare to Love by Carly Phillips
November 18th 2013 – Self Published
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