Review: The Damsel and the Daggerman by Delilah S. Dawson

 The Damsel and the Daggerman (Blud #2.5) by Delilah S. Dawson Every single time I pick up another book in Delilah S. Dawson’s Blud series I fall in love with this whimsical, magical world all over again. With this novella we are reacquainted with Criminy Stain and his caravan and introduced to Jacinda, a journalist who has just gained permission from the ringmaster to stay with them and work on a book about life as a carnivalleo. The newest member, and to Jacinda the person with the most interesting story to tell, is the Daggerman, Marco Taresque. It’s rumored that his last assistant went missing and all that was left of her was a pool of blood, but before he could be caught Marco vanished.  Jacinda is determined to get the truth out of the mysterious, dangerous knife thrower, while Marco is just as determined to make Jacinda work for the any answers she gets about his past.

Marco and Jacinda dance around each other, tempting and taunting and flirting. Jacinda may have started out wanting the truth of Marco’s past for her book, but she is quickly seduced into just wanting the man himself. Marco is a sexy alpha male who fills the page with his presence, I couldn’t wait for Jacinda to peel back his layers and discover his truth. It amazes me that Ms. Dawson can create such a wonderfully vibrant world, with such well fleshed out characters in so small amount of page time. I felt transported to Sang, the chemistry between Jacinda and Marco fairly jumped off the page and by the time I finished this delightful novella I was engrossed in their love story. Very well done.

As always, with any book in this series, I highly recommend reading it in order. Not because these individual stories can’t be read as stand-a-lones, but rather because I really feel like this series is worth the investment in both time and money. Book three, Wicked After Midnight, is scheduled for release on January 28th and I am eagerly awaiting my return to Sang. Final Grade- B+

Favorite Quote:

“I like you like this, spread out for me. If you let me enjoy myself, I promise you won’t regret it.” His lips nibbled her clavicles, his tongue tracing the fine lines of her bones. “I told you, I like to take my time.”

“I’ll do my best. But, I’m not one for following orders.”

“Consider it a polite request, then.”

Rating: B+
The Damsel and the Daggerman by Delilah S. Dawson
January 14th 2014 by Pocket Star
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  1. says

    I didn’t realize there was a new novella out and I didn’t know that Wicked After Midnight was coming in January !

    I love this quirky series.


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