Review: Cost of Repairs by A.M. Arthur

Cost of Repairs A.M. ArthurPolice officer Samuel Briggs is getting to know the people on his new, third-shift beat, but he’d prefer they not know too much about him—or the painful past that drove him away from New Mexico to start fresh in small-town Stratton, PA.

All he wants is peace, a manageable routine, and time to fix up his project home. There’s no room in his broken heart for a new relationship. It’s crowded with too many memories. But there’s something about the Dixie’s Cup short-order cook, who’s flirty one minute, distracted the next, that piques Sam’s interest.

Part-time cook, part-time hardware salesman and full-time handyman Rey King lives to work—but not because he loves it. Relationships? No time. Until one glance at Sam’s haunted eyes sends a plumb line straight to his wary heart.

How is it possible this book is only 246 pages? There is so much going on and such well developed characters! Multiple plot lines and enough back stories to make the reader feel so connected to each character. I have to admit I’m a sucker for a guy down on his luck and struggling to make ends meet. Sucks me in every time. This book has a little bit of everything I like – hot angsty cop trying to overcome his tragic past and a hard working guy who can’t make ends meet but has a heart of gold.

Sometimes the story felt a little too dramatic and plot points were brought in to add to the drama. I didn’t feel like so much tragedy was really needed to make you feel for the characters. Maybe I just wanted more time with Samuel and Rey in the bedroom. 😉

There’s also a major storyline that isn’t wrapped up neatly at the end. Maybe the author is considering a follow-up book? I would definitely read a second book. Overall I enjoyed this book and the characters were very easy to love.

Favorite Quote:

Kissing Rey warmed him inside. It oiled a part of him he’d thought had long since rusted over from grief and disuse, and Samuel liked it. Liked a lot. Liked it probably more than he should have.

Rating: B
Cost of Repairs by A.M. Arthur
June 5th 2012 by Samhain
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