Review: Collide by Juliana Stone

Collide by JulianSecond chance at love alert!! Oh how I love second chances!

Collide is the second book the in the Barker Triplets series. The Barker triplets are all very different people in personality. Bobbi Jo is the straight-laced, uptight one who lives at home, takes care of the elders and is set to marry the very vanilla Gerry…I forgot his last name. (Even I don’t give the poor guy any respect.) But this is not the real Bobbi Jo. This is the reinvented Bobbi who has shunned her past and is trying to go for the white picket fence future. But since Shane Gallagher arrived in town, it’s been hard to keep her eye on the ball when Shane is the only man she ever really loved. But they were volatile together. They were madly in love but all they did was fight and fuck and their relationship ended in lies, heartbreak and with Shane eventually going to prison.

Shane is out now and getting his life back together. He works with Bobbi’s brother-in-law and has inherited a house and land from his grandfather. He knows Bobbi is getting married and is doing his best to keep his distance. But when Bobbi blows into a bar desperate, wearing a wedding dress and on the run, he knows there is no way he can avoid getting mixed up in her life again. Their attraction runs hot, even though they are not good for each other, opposites attract.

The beginning of this book was pretty crazy. The runaway bride routine, and poor Gerry. I felt really bad for Gerry when it seems his only crime is being a nice guy who is a little boring. I didn’t care for Bobbi Jo at first because she left poor Gerry at the altar. All the triplets are set up to be sort of unlikable until they find love. They fight with each other and have past issues that make them seem prickly at first. But once Bobbi pulls the stick out and relaxes a little she becomes so much more likable. She’s feisty and self-assured and gives Shane a run for his money.

Shane is sexy, tattooed and once he makes up his mind about Bobbi, there is no stopping him. I have to admit though I spent a lot of time wondering what landed him in prison. Was he framed, falsely accused of something, or was he a really bad guy? It all comes out in the end but not knowing until late in the story kept me from fully trusting him. I know, he’s the hero but still, he’s on parole.

The chemistry between Bobbi and Shane is so hot. I loved how there was just no staying away from each other no matter what happened in the past or what the consequences might be. Bobbi and Shane just needed to be together as they worked through complicated past to find their HEA.

We don’t find out until the end of the story why Shane and Bobbi broke up all those years ago. It’s very emotional and sad when all is revealed, and then the story ends. I wished there has been a little more beyond that. It all ended so quickly and left me wanting a little time to level out in the story.

I really enjoyed this second installment of the Barker Triplets series. The relationship between Shane and Bobbi was passionate, angsty and super sexy. I’m so ready for Betty Jo’s story now.

Favorite Quote:

“I loved you before we met. Before I ever laid eyes on you. I think I loved you before I was born. Is that possible? You’re the other half of my heart. The other half of my soul and I don’t want to lose you.”

Rating: B
Collide by Juliana Stone
January 15th 2013 by Juliana Stone
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When I was formatting this post I noticed that the first book in the series, Offside is free at Amazon right now.