Review: Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews

Originally known as The Inkeeper Chronicles and published as a weekly serial, Clean Sweep Book 1 is now together in one book.  The Andrews make this announcement:

Thank you so much to all of you, who read Clean Sweep as a free serial on this website. It’s now out as an illustrated ebook and available for purchase. Print edition is coming shortly. I will add more information as we go along.

Clean Sweep Ilona Andrews

Clean Sweep is the story of Innkeeper Dina Demille and The Gertrude Hunt bed and breakfast.  Dina runs The Gertrude Hunt and it is no normal bed and breakfast.  It is a sanctuary for all things not human.  Once they pay for a stay at the inn they are under the protection of the Inn and Dina.  Something is killing the dogs in the neighborhood around the Inn and though an Innkeeper is normally a neutral party Dina knows something has to be done before it escalates to humans.

She informs Sean Evans, the newly moved in werewolf, that it is his territory and he must stop the killings but Sean pretends to not know what she is talking about.  To him she is a simply a normal human and should know nothing about his werewolf status.  Dina wakes up that night to find Sean peeing on her apple trees to mark his territory.  When she tells him to stop he replies that she told him to do something so he was doing it.   This leads to a hysterical clash between Dina, Sean and the Inn.

The Inn isn’t necessarily a sentient being but it has shared magic with Dina.  She is able to command it to do things, like protect, repel, change or any number of other things, in order to offer the safe harbor her guests need.  In this instance she tells the Inn to keep Sean out and it does but in the process Dina also learns that Sean is an extraordinarily strong werewolf.  She figures out that he is one bred to be the fastest, toughest, and meanest wolves and he doesn’t know it.  Once things calm down she is able to share his history with him and Sean is introduced to a whole new life.

With some research Dina and Sean are able to figure out they have a dahaka on their hands.  He is someone paid to complete a task, an assassin of sorts and he has hung around with his stalkers, a kind of pet, waiting for that payment.  They are able to piece this information together with the help of a vampire named Arland.  Arland is seeking the dahaka to make him pay for the killing of a family member.  Arland has agreed to let Dina and Sean work with him to kill the dahaka even though it is his family debt that must be repaid.

Clean Sweep is an extremely entertaining read.  No matter what Ilona Andrews writes I always seem to be immediately sucked in.  The world building and character development is so clever and intricate.  I have never read writers so able to draw the reader into an urban fantasy setting without boring them with all the details.  However, the Andrews are pros at it.

The main characters in this one, Dina, Sean, Arland and Caldenia are ones that I want to know more about.  We still don’t know what happened to Dina’s parents or what major sin Caldenia has committed.  There is only the hint of a romance in this one and I have no idea where it will go, if it will even go anywhere.  I read at the end of the story that it will continued in early 2014.  I know that I will be all over those serials when that happens.  Ilona Andrews fans and all other Urban Fantasy lovers should grab this book.  It is a winner.  Final grade- A-

 Favorite Quote:

“If you would like a large arched window so people can view you in all your naked glory while you bathe, that can be arranged.”

Rating: A-
Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews
December 2nd 2013 by Ilona Andrews
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