Review: Cherish by Tere Michaels

Cherish (Faith, Love, & Devotion #4) by Tere MichaelsA 4th (and unexpected?) book in the Faith, Love, and Devotion series has us returning to Matt and Evan for a short Thanksgiving themed novella. I know Faith and Fidelity (book 1 in this series) is hugely popular in the m/m genre, and also the one that hooked many of us. I have always loved this series and all the characters, so I was happy for the author to give us a quick look at their lives.

Cherish takes place a few years after Duty & Devotion, and Matt and Evan have a solid relationship, a healthy sex life, and only 2 teenagers left at home. Evan is nearing his promotion to Captain, and his partner Helena even has a boyfriend. But oldest daughter Miranda still struggles with the loss of her mother and Matt and Evan’s relationship. Things come to a head over a Thanksgiving dinner.

While I’m always excited to get more of Matt and Evan, the angst created by the situation with Miranda seemed a little over the top considering how many years these guys have been together and how much older Miranda is now. I mean ..let’s not forget … Matt was the one Miranda called that time she wound up in jail. I could have done without this part of the story and just let Matt and Evan have a nice Thanksgiving day while giving us a glimpse of their lives and a few scorching bedroom scenes. Matt and Evan definitely still have amazing sexual chemistry. Amazing. The sex in this short novella and just seeing Matt and Evan going on about their lives made it all worth it for me in the end. I was so happy to get a glimpse of them. Unfortunately there was no appearance by Jim or Griffin.

If you are a fan of this series and still in love with Matt and Evan like many of us, you’ll want to check out Cherish.

Favorite Quote:

Everything moved slowly because they’d been doing this for years, and it was all muscle memory and intimate knowledge. What had started with shock and surprise and unsure hands had evolved into the most erotic sex in Matt’s storied history.

Rating: C+
Cherish by Tere Michaels
November 20th 2012 by Loose Id
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