Review: Checking It Twice by Jodi Redford

“I’ve been a very naughty girl, Santa.  Think you better spank me with your big candy cane.”

Sexy, smart Jana Colton has a major dilemma.  She has been in love/lust with her friend, Kevin Monahan for some time and makes no bones about it with her outrageous Checking It Twice Jodi Redfordflirtation.  Jana would like nothing more that for Santa to deliver Kevin into her bed as soon as possible.  Kevin is obviously aware that Jana’s desire is to take their friendship to the next level.  He is more than attracted to his friend that holds the power to seduce him just with her smile alone.  But Kevin has a flawed past and a kink that stops him from pursuing a relationship with Jana. He’s into voyeurism.  Kevin walked away five years ago from a ménage relationship that went sour and therefore has convinced himself that he is not cut out for intimate relationships.  The other secret he is keeping from Jana is he has accepted a job in Vegas and will be moving after New Year’s.  So despite his attraction, Kevin is determined to keep his libido in check with Jana until he leaves.

Jana has never been the type of woman to be interested in two men at the same time but that has not stopped her fantasies of being with two men at once.  Nick Pappas is a sales rep that Jana purchases products from for her lingerie/sex-toy shop, Wicked Delights.  Nick and Jana have maintained a long distance phone flirtation for over a year even though they have never set eyes on each other.  Nick is Kevin’s estranged best friend and the third of the relationship that went sour.  He knows that Kevin lives in Michigan and wants more than anything to repair their friendship but Nick is also dying to meet Jana who has starred in his x-rated fantasies for the past year.  Both have a mutual connection they are unaware of and quickly learn of once Nick appears in her store to present his latest Bodylicious line.  One look at Jana and Nick quickly makes his intentions known that he wants to act on their mutual attraction but Jana holds back thinking of Kevin.  When Kevin walks into her store and sees Nick kissing Jana, he is both tortured and aroused.  Between the tension in the room and the look on Kevin’s face, Nick realizes that Kevin is the man Jana is pining over.  Now knowing both he and his best friend want the same woman, Nick uses Kevin’s fetish for voyeurism as a ploy to join the three of them in a ménage.  Once all three embark on a sexual relationship, Nick believes that Jana is the key to the three having a successful loving relationship and he plans on convincing Kevin of the same.

Jodi Redford packs a sizzling punch in this hot little holiday ménage.  I enjoyed all three characters and commend Ms. Redford’s ability to show a palpable chemistry/connection between Jana and both men.  Jana is a strong character who is determined, after much rejection, to not give up on Kevin.  Their sizzling seductive nature is initially displayed in the first pages of the book and I was rooting for their relationship even though I wanted to smack Kevin on more than one occasion. Jana is every bit as attracted to Nick both sexually and emotionally.  Nick is a realist who faces problems head on and even more, he is a giver and is the strength of the relationship.  He has cared for Kevin for so long and now sees that a mutual relationship with Jana could be the key to a lasting happiness and love between all three.  Nick just has his hands full in convincing Kevin of the same but he is more than up for the task.  What starts as a sizzling hot ménage leads to the gift of love and acceptance set during the most giving of holidays; Christmas.

Readers who enjoy a hot ménage including candy-cane flavored body paint, voyeurism and two sexy hot men that know how to deliver the naughty should definitely add Checking It Twice to their Christmas List!

Favorite Quote:

“No need to apologize.  I happen to be very fond of your morning woody.  And your afternoon pecker.  And ooh mama, don’t even get me started on your midnight salami.”

Rating: B+
Checking It Twice by Jodi Redford
November 27th 2012 by Samhain Publishing
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