Review: Chasing Kings by Sierra Dean

A porn star and a bookseller walk into the same BDSM hotel room suite…

Stop right there.  No more needed to be said for me to pick up this book.  How can something like that fail to catch your attention?  Add in the fact that porn star books are so tricky for me because how do you believe in a HEA with a porn star?  Yet I grab up every one I see because that is such a fascinating relationship.  Either way, I was pretty excited about this one.

Chasing Kings Sierra DeanSamantha Hart, regular girl, is in Las Vegas because of a scheduling conflict.  She couldn’t get out of the reservations so she decides to have a week in sin city and make the best of it.  Samantha Hart, porn star, also happens to be in Vegas for the AVA awards.  When the reservations desk attendant is mistaken and gives regular Samantha Hart the BDSM suite she knows something had to have gone wrong but isn’t totally convinced until bad boy porn star, Ethan Silver, arrives in the suite.

Ethan Silver, porn star extraordinaire, love sex and women so why not get paid for doing what he loves.  Literally.  However, now he needs to get money from the fake Samantha Hart, also known as Kelly.  He borrowed money from a very nasty sort and gave it to Kelly for a production investment but now when the money is due he can’t find her to pay up.  The man who loaned him the money has started to request sexual favors as a return on investment and Ethan is very uncomfortable with the things he is being asked to do.  He thought he had a month to get the money but the loan shark has given him 72 hours and banned him from casinos.  He has no idea how he will get the money or fix this in time to save himself a good beating.

Even though the money is hanging over his head, Ethan is very intrigued by Sam.  She is clearly a good girl that he thinks has a bit of a wild side and he wants to explore it with her.

“Sometimes I wish they had online reviews for sexual prowess,” he said, his familiar naughtiness returning, chasing back the darkness that had shrouded him for most of the evening.  “You know, like Yelp, but for oral.  I’d be booked for months.  Especially since I only seat one.”

He has started to slowly fall for her but in a moment of desperation he asks her to play in a high stakes poker game with his money in order to save his bacon.  Sam is not a poker player and knows nothing good can come of this but she agrees because she knows what will happen if he doesn’t return the money.  When the worst happens, Sam comes up with another way to get the money but doesn’t tell Ethan how she actually got it.  She will deal with the consequences as long as he is safe.  It doesn’t take long for Ethan to find out how and where she got the money but not knowing how to deal with it he doesn’t tell her what he knows.  The two have a wonderful weekend together and part to head back to their lives.

From here I am going to let the reader find out what happens.  😉  I really enjoyed this sexy story.  Ethan is funny and lovable, never taking himself and his job too seriously.  Sam is a good girl with enough sass to keep a jaded sort like Ethan interested.  They were both great characters and paired together they were fun to read about.  I would classify this as more of a HFN story and would absolutely love to read another one about this couple.  I have many questions after finishing these last pages and I feel like they have a ton of story left.  Ms. Dean’s humor, snark and the pure sexiness of this story make it a read you shouldn’t miss!  Final grade- B

Favorite Quote:

Some people ate junk food to alleviate stress.  He ate pussy.

Rating: B
Chasing Kings by Sierra Dean
December 17th, 2013 by Samhain
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  1. mari says

    Uhm……many male porn stars are gay and take drugs to maintain an erection. Many female porn stars were victims of abuse and are also drug addicts. Is this dealt with at all or is the porn star setting dealt with like the history in most historicals? That is,not at all or only in a very “niced up” way? In any case, for me the squick factor would be too high, so I wi give this one a pass.