Review: Caught Up In You by Roni Loren

“Give me a second. I think I’m sporting girl wood.”

Caught Up In You Roni LorenEveryone has experienced a crush on someone at some time. For former stripper now waitress Kelsey LeBreck it’s her weekday suit and tie fantasy man, Wyatt Austin, who graces her table daily for his morning breakfast. What Kelsey doesn’t know is she is the very reason he drives out of his way to eat at the Sugarcane Cafe. Over an egg white omelet, turkey bacon and coffee, both Kelsey and Wyatt lightly flirt and make conversation while imaging far naughtier things they would like to serve up to each other. When Howie Miller enters the diner seeking retribution against Kelsey for being an informant with facts that landed his brother in jail, Wyatt steps in with his fist before Miller has the chance to follow through with his threats. After the cops arrive and Wyatt takes Kelsey home, she discovers that Miller and possibly someone else from his operation paid a visit to her apartment first before arriving at the diner. Knowing that she has to leave, Kelsey lies and tells Wyatt she will go to her sister’s house but where she ends up is at The Ranch; a BDSM resort where Kelsey moonlights as a part-time domme to eager subs. Kelsey asks the owner/operator of The Ranch, Grant Waters, if she can take on a few extra trainees and make some extra money in order to start over somewhere else. Grant reminds her that the requirements of a trainer involve a thirty day submissive immersion so that she will experience both roles. Kelsey agrees to the training. What she doesn’t know is that Wyatt has found her at The Ranch with the help of his brother, Jace, and she is about to receive a proposition from a former dom that she cannot refuse.

Grant’s story in Fall Into You is my favorite of the series but I will say that Wyatt made a scrumptious and memorable impression. Underneath the smart, sometimes reserved, spectacle wearing businessman lies a hot, alpha male. Spending time with Kelsey not only revives Wyatt’s desire to be a dom but also allows him to emotionally invest in something, or in this case someone beyond the job that consumes his life. Given Kelsey’s history in the prior book and her desire to be a domme, I did not expect to connect with or even like her. I was very wrong. Kelsey’s past is enough to make any woman cringe. Held against her will by a sociopath and rapist who beat and tortured her for three days; no wonder she has issues with submission and intimacy. Kelsey has overcome drug and alcohol abuse used to mask her pain and instead of being bitter and defeated, she has fought hard to set her life on track in a positive direction. Wyatt sees her strength, is attracted to her and both want to act on their attraction without the promise of commitment.

“He didn’t see her as the fuckup or a trauma victim or even a piece of ass. He saw her as a woman. He saw her. And the simplicity of that felt amazing, empowering.

Roni Loren succeeds in creating an immediate chemistry and sexual tension between Kelsey and Wyatt that builds throughout the story. I was engaged from the first scene in the diner and knew immediately that I would enjoy both characters. Their progression of self-discovery as well as their joining as a couple made for a very steamy and satisfying read. My only issue is I have said from book one that the BDSM portrayal has always felt light-hearted, often frivolous and out of place at times with the characters. Kelsey fell quickly into the role of a sub and it was hard to believe given her traumatic history. As the reader, what I enjoyed the most was witnessing Kelsey and Wyatt’s journey in overcoming the need to be “normal/without baggage” and accepting who they are as individuals while learning they are worthy and capable of love.

The emotional growth of Ms. Loren’s characters really shines through now that the series has progressed which made Caught Up In You and overall sexy and enjoyable read.

Favorite Quote:

“You’re a naughty man, Wyatt Austin,” Kelsey said, bending down and kissing him.

“And a hard one.” She wiggled her ass against him, drawing a shudder from him.

“Hey, hot girl on lap. What else am I supposed to do?”

Rating: B
Caught Up In You by Roni Loren
August 6th 2013 by Berkley Heat
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