Review: Caught in the Act by Jill Sorenson + Giveaway


“Do you ever get tired of saving people?”

“Someone saved me once,” she reminded him.

Czech Republic born Kari Strauss has faced her share of adversity and loss; however she does not let the past define her.  Owner of a successful Arts and Crafts boutique, Zolcalo, she travels over the Mexican Border from California purchasing one of a kind Latin American crafts to sell in her store.  Kari does most of her buying from Maria, a Caught In The Actwoman she befriended in La Buffadora.  Working two jobs and making poverty level income, Maria is supporting her widowed mother and younger siblings.  She is determined to cross the border into the US to find work in order to send money back to her family and therefore begs Kari for a ride.  Never one to turn her back on those in need, Kari agrees, hoping she is not making the biggest mistake of her life.  Kari makes it through Tijuana border control with Maria hidden in a box in her van, but not before being questioned by Security Officer Adam Cortez who inspects her personal assets as well as her cargo before letting her pass.  After work, Adam decides to do an off record back ground check on Kari due to her suspicious and nervous behavior.  She had made an unshakable impression on him not only by her propositioning him as a distraction but mostly due to her last name, Strauss.   He immediately recognized Kari as the sister of Sasha Strauss, long time girlfriend of Mexican drug lord, Carlos Moreno.  Adam and Moreno have their own history and Adam is determined to see if and how far involved Kari is to Moreno’s drug operation as a way to finally seek retribution for the pain and loss he felt upon Moreno’s hand.

When Maria and Kari arrive at her home, Moreno’s right hand man, Chuy Pena, is waiting for them with a warning.  Sasha has become a liability and a nuisance to Moreno stealing his money for her drug habit.  Moreno will not release Sasha to her sister unless Kari is willing to pay her debt.  Once Kari agrees to pick up an extra shipment (illegal drugs) on her next trip to Mexico, Moreno will deliver Sasha to her unharmed.  Kari is determined to do whatever it takes to get her sister back and away from Moreno’s control.  When Adam visits Zolcalo on several occasions after their initial border encounter, Kari recognizes the sexual tension and attraction they both feel but knows she cannot get involved with a border patrol officer given her sister’s current status.  What she now has to decide is if she can trust Adam with the truth in order to gain his help in seeing that her sister is returned in one piece.

This was my first read of Jill Sorenson’s and I must say I was highly impressed.  She has the type of candid and captivating style that I believe could easily be adapted into the motion picture industry.  Ms. Sorenson delivered a well-balanced blend of steamy romance and suspense with an edge and rawness that kept me glued to the pages.  From the moment Kari and Adam faced off there was a slow, simmering heat that intensified as the story progressed.  Although Adam was guarded with his feelings initially and reacted with caution towards Kari, he could not deny the desire and genuine goodness he witnessed in Kari as well as lengths she would go to in protecting the people she loved.  The progression of Adam’s love for Kari was realistic given his issues with trust and as the reader you could feel how he was at odds with himself emotionally and physically in surrendering to her.  Furthermore, witnessing Kari’s realization that letting Adam walk out of her life was more devastating that the fear of permanently losing him one day was a monumental moment in their union.  The secondary characters Ian and Maria were just as prominent in the story as the primary couple and at times I found myself more investing in them given their past history.  Ms. Sorenson gave both Ian and Maria ample time in the story to discover unresolved feelings between the two.  I adored Ian!  His strength and kindness melted my heart and his tenderness and protective nature toward Maria was staggering.  I can only hope that Ms. Sorenson will begin writing a book for Ian and Maria as their story definitely is not finished and both are deserving of a HEA!  If you are a reader that enjoys an equal balance of “edge of your seat” action and suspense combined with emotionally strong and passionate characters, Caught in the Act is definitely a ride you do not want to miss!

Favorite Quote

“The way he kissed was kind of…indecent.  He didn’t test the waters or use a light touch.  He just dove right in, filling her mouth with his tongue.  There was nothing polite or tentative about it.  He used her mouth for his pleasure, delving inside, taking what he wanted.”

Rating: B+
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  1. Maria D. says

    I’ve never read anything by Jill Sorenson before but “Caught in the Act” sounds like a terrific book and I love reading good romantic suspense. The review is very well done and really makes me want to read this book, it sounds as if the character development is really good and I like the idea of the Kari and Adam having to work through their issues in order to be able to trust each other. Sounds like the secondary characters are well done too. Thanks for the giveaway!

    • says

      It was my first read by Jill and I am hounding her regularly to write a book for Ian and Maria. There story is definitely not finished! Good luck with the giveaway!

  2. says

    This sounds like a great set up for a Romantic Suspense book. I like the situation the heroine finds herself in. Thanks for the giveaway!

    • says

      Both Kari and Maria were extremely resilient women given there circumstances. I love strong heroines and Jill delivered with both!

  3. Little Lamb Lost says

    I really enjoy romantic suspense but have sometimes found that either the romance or the suspense was short changed. Have heard good things about this author and enjoyed your review of Caught in the Act.

  4. says

    Thanks and I agree. A lot of RS falls short on one side either the action/suspense or the romance. Sorenson does a great job balancing both while delivering a great plot. I am excited to read more of her work.

  5. Jenifer says

    Romantic Suspense has become my favorite genre of late. I’ve not read any of this author’s books, but you make this title sound like a great place to start.

  6. miki says

    i’ve discovered the romantic suspense genre last month and enjoyed it so i would be happy to discover this book ( and the author in teh same time)

    thanks you for opening this giveaway to international

    all the best

  7. Jane says

    Great review. I really enjoyed Jill’s “The Edge of Night” and look forward to reading “Caught in the Act.”

  8. StacieD says

    I’ve read a Harlequin Suspense by Jill. I really loved it. I think Caught in the Act sounds like something I will enjoy.

  9. Na S. says

    It sounds like an emotional read and I like that. I want to be able to connect with the characters and I think I will with this book.

  10. TrishJ says

    I love her books. She writes suspense with so much emotion. I would love to win a copy.

  11. erinf1 says

    Thanks for a great review and giveaway! I haven’t read any of Jill’s books but they come highly recommended. I really like the premise of this book… definitely going on my wishlist :)

  12. Pam B says


    Great interview and post. I have not read anything by Jill so I am looking forward to reading this as I have heard great things about it.

    Thanks for the chance.


  13. says

    I haven’t read this author before but I think this book would be a great time to start! Thanks for sharing your opinions with us – they have definitely made me want to read it!

  14. Jennifer D. says

    I’m already a Jill Sorenson fan and I’m looking forward to Caught in the Act. Thanks for the review and giveaway chance.

  15. Annie @ UTC says

    Enjoyed the review. Looks like something I would be interested in reading. Thanks for the chance.

  16. Martha Lawson says

    I have been waiting on this one!! I love Jill’s books, I have read them all. Thanks for the opportunity to win it.

  17. says

    Great review, thank you. I have not read a book by this author yet. But that quote: “filling her mouth with his tongue” grosssss! How big is it? I really dislike being choked like that!

  18. Anita Yancey says

    Really great review! I just love romantic suspense books, and this one sounds really good. Please enter me. Thanks!

  19. Jen B. says

    I don’t have anything meaningful to say. I would love to read this. I love romantic suspense. Thanks for the giveaway. jepebATverizonDOTnet

  20. Adeline says

    I was looking for a review for this book and I stumbled upon this post. Thanks, it makes me want to pick up and read my first Jill Sorenson’s book.

  21. says

    I have not read a really good romantic suspense for a while but this sounds promising. Thanks for the review and I’ll look for Jill Sorensons’ books now.

  22. j3nny says

    I don’t think I’ve read any books by her yet but the review definitely made me wanna give it a try 😀

  23. sarac says

    I don’t think I’ve read anything by this author before, but this sound slike it may be my first!