Review: Caribbean Casanova by Jenna Bayley-Burke

 Caribbean Casanova (Under the Carribbean Sun #2) by Jenna Bayley-Burke Holly arrives on the island of Anguilla and immediately takes care of a potential problem by kissing local lothario Harm.  She is there to do a photo shoot and she won’t let him get in the way and cause trouble by seducing her models.  She figures if she makes it look like they are together then she might have a chance of keeping the other women away.

Harm is on to Holly’s game and doesn’t like what is happening.  First, she is staying in his house so she doesn’t have the right to tell him where he can go and who he can see.  Second, he thinks she is just plain rude.  Third, well he really does want her and doesn’t want to play her look but don’t touch game.  He will do his best to convince her to make their fake relationship a real one.

Harm’s little brother is dating Holly’s best friend.  Sassy is the designer of the swimsuit line they are there to photograph.  Sassy is also a pseudo member to their family, but her and Harm are always picking at each other.  Sassy is convinced that Harm will do his best to ruin her success.  When Sassy has to return to New York to take care of business Holly is left alone with Harm and she starts to see a side of him that surprises her.  She falls for him but doesn’t know what will happen when Sassy returns and she is forced to choose sides.

Whether it was Harm or Sassy there were some unlikable characters in this book.  For most of the book Harm came off as a self-centered jackass.  He was described as a sex maniac without any morals.

He’d promised his brother he’d help Holly with whatever she needed, but in his opinion, what she needed was a good, honest fucking.

By the time the conclusion came around I wasn’t sure if Harm had done enough to endear me to him.  He had gone through some medical struggles that I think were presented to make the reader have more sympathy to him but they fell short for me.  Plus the relationship between him and Sassy, someone he was raised around, was painful.  They sniped at each without regard to who was in hearing distance and it seemed they forced everyone to choose sides.  Their family members might say they remained neutral but it didn’t seem like that.

Overall the book was ok.  I didn’t enjoy the characters and found it hard to connect with them and there weren’t very many likable people in the story.  The epilogue and proposal are one of the cutest I have seen.  I am always a sucker for a good epilogue and this one did not disappoint.  Final grade- C

Favorite Quote:

“So you’re saying your orgy was a graduate course in cunnilingus and you didn’t even get your cock out?”

Rating: C
Caribbean Casanova by Jenna Bayley-Burke
March 26th 2013 by Samhain Publishing
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